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A unique collaboration between Tamworth local Brent Larkham and German musicians Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig has resulted in Voodoo Town — a band that refuses to be confined by any one genre of music. Voodoo Town’s first single, “Glory Dayz”, has received significant airplay since its release in April — but keep an eye out for the band’s upcoming album.

Hi Brent. What’s your relationship with Tamworth?

I grew up in Tamworth. My family moved here in 1977, and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve played here in bands, been involved in the music industry, the engine and motor industry, and it’s basically been where I’ve called home for most of my life. Except for the part where I lived in Europe!

How did you, Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig all get together, considering they both live in Germany?

I lived in Spain for 20 years. The music production company I was working with teamed up with another production company from Germany, who just happened to be these two guys. We actually recorded quite a number of things, and had quite a few successes, before we even met!
One day we were discussing things, and they suggested I go up to Hamburg to do a show, so we could finally meet. So, I trundled up to Hamburg, did a few shows with the guys – and the rest is history, I guess. We hit it off straight away in a writing capacity – that was around seven years ago now.
I moved back to Australia nine years ago.

How does that work logistically for you guys, when it comes to writing and recording?

We use the internet a lot — I have a recording studio at home here, and we do a lot of back and forth with things. When I go back over to Germany to do the recording properly, that’s when we also bounce final ideas off each other.
We recorded a full album in January over there in ten days; it was an intensive ten days! And, it was as cold as Hell! When I left Australia, it was 43 degrees in Tamworth and -7 degrees there. I looked right out of place with my tan!
So yes, we write online — it’s a small world musically these days — but we do record when we’re together.

The single you released recently, Glory Dayz — was that one of the songs recorded during that ten-day period?

Yes, absolutely. Glory Dayz was one of the beautiful songs that came out of that particular stint. It’s a great song – we had a lot of fun recording it. We could all sort of look back on our youth and the crazy things we got up to. That’s what it’s about – remembering the “glory dayz”.

It’s a bit difficult to pin down the band’s sound, would you say the multicultural elements from the different countries you’ve all lived and worked in play a role here?

Certainly, these days music is very different — genres seem to be all mixed together. It’s a wonderful thing, musically! Because I grew up in Tamworth, I had a lot of country music influences, although I spent most of my youth in a rock band. So, you’ve got the country, the rock, the pop, and because I Iived in Spain for a long time, there’s a lot of flamenco influence in our songs as well. The Producer comes from a dance music background, so he’s thrown in a lot of European dance hits, and the guitarist is a rock guitarist who can play anything.
It’s a wonderful thing when you get to a song, and you know you’re not stuck to any genre and can just do what makes the song sound good. That’s what we’re dedicated to — being true to the song.

Glory Dayz has had a lot of airplay in both Australia and Europe. Were you surprised at how well it’s been received?

Yeah! It’s always surprising, and it’s wonderful. It’s always wonderful to be accepted for modern-day radio — especially when there’s so much to choose from. We’ve had a lot of airplay in England, Spain, Germany and throughout Europe. We’ve yet to be introduced to the United States, but I’m sure that will come with time.
We’ve had a great response in Australia; I think people can probably relate to what we’re doing. It sounds modern, but it’s got true stories. That’s one thing that country music taught me — you can actually have a story in a song that has meaning.

Glory Dayz is the first single off your upcoming album, Head Over Heelz. Do you have a release date for the album at this stage?

It should be around August/September. I’ll be touring over in Europe in September, so the album should be well and truly out before then.
The next single to come off the album is called Cool Karma, and it will be accompanied by an awesome video clip recorded around Tamworth.
Glory Dayz was filmed around Tamworth too, strangely enough — even though it features American cars and stuff. My father has quite an interesting car collection! And he let me drive them!
Some things were recorded in a paddock in Germany as well — rather than bringing the guitarist out here for a couple of shots. You know, there aren’t that many paddocks in Germany, so that’s not as easy as it sounds!

What are the best platforms for us to have a listen to and purchase your music?

You can jump on iTunes, our Facebook page (Voodoo Town), and there are videos on YouTube and plenty to see.

What are your plans for the next year or so?

There’s the album release and the touring of course, and Voodoo Town will also be touring Australia in Easter 2020. We’ll definitely be touring this area — the guys have been here before; they love Australia, love the Tamworth way of life, love the kangaroos, and they definitely want to come back, spend some time here and enjoy the people again.

Thanks, Brent.
Interview: Jo Robinson.

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