Uniplan, on a Mission

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Uniplan have one simple mission: Make your home building experience easy. FOCUS talks with Ben Scott, to find out more about one of Armidale’s largest employers …

Tell us some history and also something that our readers may not know about Uniplan.

Originally known as Timberline, Uniplan Group is a local Armidale business owned by the Scott family. A genuine passion for good old fashioned, predictable service has helped our business grow from a small three man team to a company that now supports over 110 local staff. We have put no end of effort into finding ways to make the home building process as efficient as we possibly can. This allows us to bring you a customised home with a broad selection of options and inclusions to choose from.

We love making the building process easy and hassle-free for you. Our expertise lets us handle the whole council approval process. Our architect can help design your perfect home. Our interior designer can give you expert guidance on colours and finishes. Our project managers can make sure your site is suited to your home design choices. Yep – every step of the way, we make the building process EASY.

Tell our readers about the Natural Building Cycle …

There is a natural progression that everyone goes through when you embark on building a new home. You may not even realise it, but it’s true. Firstly, there is the reason why you want to build. Your circumstances are way different to anyone else’s needs. Once you’ve decided you want to build a new home, then the discussions about location, needs, style, costs and builders start flooding your head. At this stage, Uniplan can work with you to give you some indicative guidelines, to help you to choose your options. We understand that when you’re at your early planning stages, you just want some quick information, so you can evaluate your options. Once you’ve decided you definitely want to build a new home, you’re going to want to work with a builder you feel comfortable with.

Building can be a tricky business. What qualities should you look for in a builder before building?

Choosing a builder is like making a jigsaw puzzle. The first step is always to find the four corners. When choosing a builder, the four corners are:

TRUST. Your builder needs to fill you with confidence.

BUDGET. They have to able to fit your budget.

STYLE. It needs to be the type and style of home you really want.

 TIMELINE. Can they build it when you need it?

When you have found your ideal builder, you will be certain that you have found these four corners. For Uniplan, it is our job to ensure that you are confident you have found these four corners. That’s why we give you upfront information, so that you can clearly decide if you want to rule us in or out for your new home project.

Why would you build a factory built home?

The major difference with Uniplan is, of course, that we build all our homes in our factory in Armidale. When your home is 99% complete, we then use a specialised truck to bring your factory built home to your site. So, what’s so good about that? Well, besides the fact that seeing a house drive up your driveway is kind of cool … The biggest advantage is predictability. You’ve heard those building horror stories – the home was meant to be finished by Christmas, but you ended up only moving in over Easter? The biggest single advantage is that by building your home in the controlled environment of our large factory, we’re able to give you a definite timeline that we stick to.

Any final words?

Want to check us out?

Visit www.uniplangroup.co 

Have some early planning questions? Give us a call on 1800 864 752, or visit our display homes at 22 Myrtle Drive, Armidale.

We look forward to helping you.

Thanks Ben.

Thanks Ben.

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