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Attention foodies! There is a new hotspot in town – Two Goats CafÉ & Baa. Liam Kelleher has taken this exciting new cafè by the horns; he tells us all about this great new venue in town …

Two goats is a Café and Baa; tell us more about it …

Two Goats is opening as an evolution and extension of the venerable Café Affamato. I have been working here for the past three years, and I look forward to continuing to provide the same level of exceptional cuisine, beverages, and service for which we are so well known. Under our new identity you can expect to see vibrant, exciting meals with delicious beverages to match. Look forward to seeing a dazzling selection of specials being constantly updated to reflect the flavours of the season, and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our retro special of the month!

What types of cuisines will you be offering?

At Two Goats you will be able to experience exciting flavours and textures influenced by dishes that I have eaten on my travels abroad and at home. From delicious and quirky green tea doughnuts to date and harissa spiced Moroccan tagines, Two Goats will continue to serve old favourites, pizzas and pastas alongside cakes and desserts old and new. Visit regularly for exciting and fresh, seasonal based specials that Head Chef Rory Caferella will be delivering from the Two Goats kitchen. Also, we can bring our wonderful cuisines direct to your door; that’s right, we deliver!

For those who haven’t experienced dining at Two Goats, what can they expect?

When you come into Two Goats, you can expect to see a gorgeous menu full to bursting with pasta, pizza, and other Italian favourites, all alongside a weekly specials board focused on providing seasonal, inspiring meals to make your taste buds dance to the tune of the exceptional kitchen team here at Two Goats. Head Chef Rory and I both share a passion for food that is, for lack of a better term “farm to face” … This is to say, getting from the producer and into your stomach with as little food miles as possible. This also means we get to sample and serve some of the finest produce the New England region and slightly beyond has to offer. We will be pairing cocktail and mocktail beverages to perfectly match the flavours and style of the dishes we serve to you. Two Goats will be continuing to provide the delicious Glee coffee to feed your caffeine needs, with the team of amazing baristas all staying on to provide you with a soul soothing and friendly coffee experience.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far, and how have you overcome it?

I have been incredibly fortunate that I have not had many, if any, difficulties at all. Thanks to the support of my amazing and loving wife, Kylie, and my parents, Greg and Lorraine Kelleher, I have all the support I need in this exciting new time. Couple that with brilliant team of staff continuing to deliver the consistent high standards of service, all I see is delicious fun-filled times ahead.

Thanks Liam.

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