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Guyra local Tori Brazier is one of those athletes you meet who simply amaze you with their dedication and determination.

She works hard (and has the guns and abs to prove it!) Muay Thai has been an interest for Tori since she was very young; she’s had four matches, and four wins (with two knockouts), but the quietly spoken O’Connor student is humble about her achievements. A very sporty person, Tori also enjoys several different forms of football, and on the day of her FOCUS photoshoot, we caught up with her before school. On the agenda for the day was teaching some swimming and lifesaving skills to other students …

Hi Tori. Tell us a little about yourself and your family … 

I’m 15 years old, and I attend Year 10 at O’Connor Catholic College. 

My whole life I have been involved in sport growing up – mostly swimming and football. I have always been involved with football, whether it be touch, league tag or rugby league, as I’ve been around it my whole life.

I’m the youngest in a family of five, with my parents, Greg and Lorraine and two older siblings, Sara and Jake. 

How did you become interested in Muay Thai?

My inspiration growing up as a kid was watching Ronda Rousey in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She taught me that girls do have a chance in the fight game – and they can go a long way with it too.

I became interested in Muay Thai at the early age of six. My dad always had an interest in teaching me self-defence and respect, and it has just grown from there.

How many bouts have you had so far – and what have been your results?

I have had four fights, with four wins and two knockouts.

Describe your fitness regime … what types of training/workouts do you do each week?

Once a week I travel two hours to Tamworth to train with Chaffey’s Black Belt Academy. There I train in technique, sparring, pad work and fitness. 

We do a lot of work that involves timed punching rounds, followed by sit-ups – which can be pretty brutal!

On the off days, I keep my technique and fitness up by working hard at home. 

What Muay Thai matches do you have coming up?

At this stage I don’t have any fights coming up, due to an ankle injury (which didn’t happen in the ring!) but I should be back early in the New Year. I’m hoping to have a bout in February.

The ankle is almost healed now; I’ve been playing sport with it strapped, but in Muay Thai matches you can’t wear strapping – so I want to make sure the ankle is completely healed before I step back in the ring.

Whom would you like to thank for supporting you with your sporting endeavours?

First of all, I would just like to thank my parents for their dedication with getting me to training each week. 

A special thanks to Scott, Kristie and Clint Chaffey at Chaffey’s Black Belt Academy, for giving me the opportunity to fight under their name, and all the time and effort you have all put into me. 

Also, a massive thank you to our major sponsor, Western Rangers Motorcycles, for their continuous support. 

When you’re not in the ring (or training) what else do you enjoy doing?

When I’m not training and fighting, I enjoy league tag, women’s tackle football and touch football.

What are your goals and dreams (sporting or otherwise)?

My dream is to one day fight in Thailand and to open up my own personal training gym.

Thanks Tori … all the best!

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