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Thirsty Merc are back and better than ever with their infectious new single, The Good Life, the first from their upcoming album, Shifting Gears. The Good Life is quintessential Thirsty Merc – “It’s fun, it’s got a southern kinda groove, and it’s got those guitar figures gronking away.


It harks back a bit to the days of In the Summertime, so in that way, it’s classic Thirsty Merc,” says lead singer and co-founder, Rai Thistlethwayte. The Good Life heralds the first new music from Thirsty Merc in over five years and follows the band recording, funding and releasing independently.

Following songwriting sessions in Sydney, Melbourne, and Los Angeles, the band were ready to get back into the studio and to help realise their vision, they utilised crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic, to help get the record recorded and mixed – and the response has been overwhelming. The band reached its goal within 48 hours of the campaign and are currently sitting at 183% of its goal.

FOCUS sat down with vocalist, songwriter and co-founder, Rai Thistlethwayte, to find out more.

What should we expect from your new album?

A little bit more acoustic guitars and a little bit more storytelling. It has an honest narrative element to it.

From early feedback, it speaks lyrically about where someone’s place is and where they find home and also more complex and deeper feelings of family love. That’s what I find that the album is about.

We have a great Australian mix on the airwaves. Where do you think the industry is heading?

I have been living between both Sydney and California. I know there are a lot of artists – for example, Lisa Mitchell, who has been living and working in London, so you get a lot of great Australian artists who are working overseas, and that shows what I have always consistently felt … Which is that Australia has always had a huge pool of talent …

Living in California, did this influence the new album?

Yeah, in a way. Some of the lyrics have been written about isolation, travel, the logistical difficulties of having to travel around all of the time, as well as the stresses that come with that.

It’s a very Australian album in many ways, and going overseas gives you a unique perspective on where you have come from. In a way, it was a return to being able to dive back into life here in Australia.

Do you have any idols?

Yeah, absolutely. There have been a lot of musical inspirations; I’d say a lot of inspiration has came from British Blues bands that broke out in the early ‘70s – Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin to name a couple. There are also a lot of Australian bands that are really inspiring and fun to hang out with.

What are Thirsty Merc’s plans for 2016?

There’s going to be a lot of touring coming up, and that is our focus at the moment; there is a huge to-do list!

We did a little bit of recording on the latest album which might be the start of a new album – so wait and see!

Thanks Rai. 


Catch Thirsty Merc at The Armidale SerVies, Friday 16th October.

Tickets $35 adults or $40 at the door.

Available from club reception.

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