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If you’re from the New England, you probably know one of these likely suspects, Tony, Ash and Steve from the ASH HALL TRIO. FOCUS delves into the minds of these creative geniuses to find out what makes them tick, tock, rock and/or roll. We talk with Ash about all that is the glorious melting pot of sounds – The Ash Hall Trio …

Unlike Ben Folds Five, who are actually a trio, the Ash Hall Trio are true to the “trio” title – a band of three! Ash, please introduce the band’s members to us.

There are three members in our band! Ash Hall – trumpet, Steve Thorneycroft – guitar, and Tony Elder – vocals.

We all come from varied musical backgrounds; however, what we share in this group is something very special and unique. What we are doing is exploring standard material; however, we approach the songs in fresh and new ways.

We hold respect for tradition and the great songbook, yet through creativity and improvisation we explore and push boundaries. This can be risky and may not always go to plan, but the results are always interesting and exciting for the audience and us.

The band’s name is currently Ash Hall Trio, but stay tuned, as it may be renamed the Tony Elder or Steve Thorneycroft Trio!

Genre – can you define yourselves? Describe your performances?

There is no denying there is a heavy jazz influence in what we do, but our music is a melting pot from all three members’ pasts and influences, which creates our unique sound. We have played a variety of gigs, from festivals to weddings and everything in between, and have always been very well supported by both local venues and the public. Working as the Ash Hall Trio has taken the trio as far north as Cairns and recently as far south as Melbourne.Due to the freedom of improvisational music, each gig is different and special, and we have shared many amazing musical moments. We often perform in restaurants and local venues, providing great ambience and an exciting atmosphere should the moment and audience take us there.

A very special long-term supporter of the Ash Hall Trio has, for the past three years, hired us to perform at his house on special occasions. Intimate gigs such as these are a special gift to both the audience and us.

We often reflect how compatible we are as a trio, and realise that what we have is very special and unique. All three of us have great respect for each other and this trio works so well due to us all having open minds and open ears. We are all great friends outside of the trio and work in different line-ups together and with other musicians, so our histories go back 20 + years!

If you couldn’t be successful musicians any more, what would you be doing?


Tell us about any funny disasters that occurred at one of your gigs.

There are always funny moments, especially at weddings, where emotions are running hot. There is no guarantee in the life of a muso, and flexibility and an open heart and mind are essential. We are very proud to be offering something different and are looking forward to more musical exploration. We feel audiences are looking for something unique and different and thrive on watching a risky creative process unwind in front of them.

Where can our readers see your next upcoming gigs?

Well, that’s an easy one; find us at the fantastic Red Grapevine Restaurant from 8pm on the 10th June, 1st July and the 5th August.

To book a table, call the Red Grapevine on (02) 6772 2822!

Can readers hire a fine trio like yourselves?

Can they ever! We cater to all sorts of events. If you are planning a wedding, celebration, anniversary, product launch, we’d love to add the required ambience to the occasion.

Give us a call on (02) 6696 3530; we’ll be happy to adorn you event with our musical stylings.

Thanks for your time, Ash; we look forward to your next gig!

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