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New England North West Group Training teams up with Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships.

Matthew Holcombe is employed by New England North West Group Training and is hosted by Ducats Concrete. Matthew is in Year 12 at TAS Trade Training Centre and is completing his HSC and Automotive Mechanical Certificate 2. Matthew is combining HSC study with paid work at Ducats. This arrangement is possible under the School Based Apprenticeship Programme across Years 11 and 12 at school. Matthew currently works at Ducats 2.5 days per week

Graham Grant, the Manager of New England North West Group Training, says that: “The partnership between Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships Centre, TAS Trade Training Centre, Ducats Concrete and New England and North West Group Training has provided the structure and support to ensure that Matthew develops the required practical skills and the knowledge to be successful in his career.”

New England North West Group Training provides Recruitment Services, OH&S Services, Host Employer Support, Apprentice and Trainee Support, Financial Services and Training Services.

Graham says, “New England North West Group Training offer businesses the advantage of carefully selected Apprentices and Trainees, without the administrative hassles. We have been responsible for Matthew’s training and support, and that includes his pay, superannuation and workers compensation insurance.”

Matthew has worked for Ducats since Year 10. He now approaches his Year 12 final months and his HSC. Matthew’s School Based Traineeship has been highly successful; his smile is testament to that.

Matthew has been nominated as the School Based Trainee of the Year in the New England Region.

The Awards are held at Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre on 24 July. We wish Matthew all the best.

Matthew’s supervisor at Ducats, Aaron Toovey, says: “Matty puts in a great effort and will make a great tradesman.”

TAS Trade School Apprentice Master Brett Monley says, “Matthew is dedicated and does more than is expected of him. He has a great attitude, is an excellent student and nothing distracts him.”

Matthew enjoys the variety of work at Ducats. There is a range of equipment, machinery and vehicles that are all serviced and repaired on site. Most of the work is on heavy machinery, including tippers, graders and backhoes. Matthew plans to be a Heavy Vehicle Diesel Mechanic.

Matthew says, “I love the work at Ducats; I always feel like I am learning something and achieving lots. It’s a great place to work, and my work mates are great.”

The Western NSW Regional Manager for Australian Business Limited Apprenticeships Centre, Peter Rickard, says: “School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships present business with the opportunity to recruit keen young staff, meet their current and future skills needs and give a young person realistic exposure to industry and related careers.” Mr Rickard says, “Matthew’s placement with Ducats has been a success story for all involved, and we congratulate Matthew on his achievements.”

The School Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship can take a young person pretty much wherever they want to go career-wise, following a personally rewarding pathway.

Matthew’s School Based Traineeship has presented him with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and build the foundation for his future career. Matthew has been accepted as a valuable member of Ducats’ Team. Matthew’s success in his School Based Traineeship, his hard work ethic and his good sense of humour have laid the platform for his future.

Matthew commences full-time employment with Ducats as a Heavy Vehicle Diesel Mechanic when he finishes his HSC later in 2011.

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