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So many new words in our tech-driven age…


It’s good to see the use of some important old ones.

An advertisement for Griffith University’s “more than ideas: Global Integrity Summit” underlined it this month. Some recent SMH Business pages have had headlines such as “Commission wants ethics in workplace” (that’s the Productivity Commission), and “Ethical choices on rise despite lack of investor awareness” placing more responsibility on investment managers. And “Patients need support – a carer ensures the best outcome”.  I don’t know about you, but I find it’s encouraging remembering the touchstones of human values.

When it’s good to be wrong … perhaps I’m one of the “Worried Well”. Just when I’m exhorting more businesses to exploit the NBN, the Armidale Business Chamber gave three awards to WHITEHACK, a security business specialising in ethical hacking. Adrian Wood has an international business and said Armidale was the place to launch. James Packer seems to think that cyber security is the way to go, so Adrian seems to be pressing the right buttons. He says there are “almost daily breaches to companies” where current defence technologies are clearly not working. An enormous, vital new field opening up, and congratulations to Adrian for pointing up the new world of possibilities.

UNE’s VC Annabelle Duncan recently gave a talk to the Business Chamber reminding us Armidale was the heart of UNE operations and that the fortunes of the city and the university were entwined. While conditions are so changeable now, she is nonetheless working to secure the future on a sound, realistic foundation. Annabelle reminded us that for 16 years UNE has gained five stars for overall student satisfaction and teaching quality. That means a lot. The city community has to take credit as well here, and UNE contributes 30% to our economy. We need UNE’s more visible presence integrated in the daily heart of the city.

The human face of integrity and ethics is exemplified in the “entrepreneurial problem solvers” of UNE’s Enactus team, who for the second time have been invited to the Enactus World Cup – this time in South Africa – as the Australian winners with their two main projects: the Minimbah project addressing the lack of birth certificates in the Aboriginal community and the Future Farms project focusing on better feeding the world. The bright faces of our youth.

Integrity of purpose can be demonstrated in many ways. The official opening of the Heritage Rose Garden is on October 31 at Saumarez, with the garden open to the general public on Sunday, November 1, 10am – 4pm.

The garden is based on the integrity of purpose of one woman, and on her lifelong love of roses and fascination with the history of the rose. Miss Catherine Maclean has poured her knowledge and above all her love into her garden, and this has been recognised as the basis for the new Heritage Rose Garden at Saumarez, destined to be yet another highlight when visiting the historic property. Members of the Northern NSW Branch of the Australian Garden History Society – captained by the indefatigable Lynn Walker and Ian Telford’s specialist skills – have been inspired to pour their labour, knowledge and love into bringing the garden into being based on some of the very rarest old roses from Miss Maclean’s garden. All have shown a special integrity. The Patron of AGHS, Sue Ebury, Countess of Wilton, will open the garden.

Other devoted, tireless workers with an October 30 opening are the Packsaddlers at NERAM – volunteers who for 30 years have held what the Gallery’s Director, Robert Heather, calls “one of the most successful fundraising projects of its type in the country”, a selling sale that is a window on what’s happening in the Australian art world.

What strength there is in our university city community overall.

Good to see St. Alberts College advertising for a Public Relations Officer – a term I thought had become tainted by “spin-doctors”. Armidale needs more Public Relations to explain ourselves to ourselves – and then to others.

Susie Dunn.

Vale. We farewelled special, beautiful, smart, funny Helen Dangar.

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