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KAMS Health and Fitness is a well established business in our community. It has now taken on the new profile of Total Unique Fitness (TUF), owned and operated by Susan Lennon. This is her journey …

How long have you lived in this region?

I was born in Armidale and went to Ben Venue and Armidale High School. I later moved to the Hunter Valley for 7 years, but returned in 2001 to have my daughter Jessica.

What was your upbringing like?

I had a wonderful family upbringing. My parents are local too, and I have a twin sister and an older brother. We were all involved in sports, but we were very competitive in horse riding. We went to pony camps and rode right through to become instructors and represent Armidale. We also dabbled in ballroom dancing.

We did a lot as a family, and Mum and Dad had their work cut out for them racing us around everywhere, but I believe their love and values and commitment to us has made us who we are today. We are a very close family and I still go for ‘sleepovers’.

There is nothing like going home and feeling the warmth of family. My sister and I are extremely close and had a fabulous time confusing everyone through school, as we were so alike. I wish she lived here to share in this dream come true. Then I would be complete. She inspires me every day.

Why do they call you the ‘pocket rocket’?

It didn’t take me long to earn that name.  One of my male members was talking to my dad and he said, “We thought Kam was tough, but she is really tough!” I was running to the lookout with 2 of my favourite ladies, and one of them said, “We’ve called you the pocket rocket. You just keep going and going”. I love to get in there and have a go with them. Keeps us all motivated.

Why did you decide to take over KAMS?

I have been working in the industry for 6 years, but have been doing fitness as long as I can remember. I always chose it for sport at school and have been going ever since. I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives by inspiring them to be healthy, and I love the diversity that this business brings.

I completed Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness at TAFE, and Kam was my teacher. One of the things he instilled in me was to “think outside the square”.  Be creative and be personal.

His business is an example of that. I am so honoured to have been asked to continue this journey, and I have been given a fantastic opportunity to build on a well established and successful business.

Kam always does things with a purpose, and even then he pushed me hard to do well and often challenged me to do more. It paid off!

How can you help people who are reluctant to ‘get fit’?

There are a lot of people reluctant to get fit. I often hear that time, money, health and low self esteem are some of the issues stopping people from doing something about it. My message to those people is that there are 1440 minutes in a day. It only takes 30 minutes to exercise.

You owe it to yourself to be healthy for your family, your work, YOU! TUF offers small group sessions, one on one Personal Training in your home and group fitness based at TAS, so you don’t have to go to a gym.

If you have kids, you can keep them at home with you and get them involved with the training. It is not expensive, and it is a completely different experience to being in a gym. Your body is a temple. Look after it.  Whatever you invest now saves you in health bills in the long run.

Where do you hold your training sessions?

The group sessions are run at TAS Sports Centre. There are early morning groups and evening classes to suit all fitness types. The Women’s Only classes are very popular on a Monday and Wednesday night.

Do you have many male clients? How do they feel about being trained by a woman?

Yes, I do work with men. I think when I first came on board the men were probably wondering how ‘little me’ was going to push them to work hard.

After one session, they realised how tough I can be. They know they are in for a hard workout, and I love challenging them. They get quite competitive, and it’s great.

Tell us about your family?

My husband Andy and my 9-year-old daughter Jessica are very supportive. Jessica is my little PA! Andy is head coach for Northern NSW Football and is part owner of Alpha Furnishers Carpet Court.

Jessica loves her sport too, but her passion is horses. She was born to be on a horse. I can only hope her upbringing is like mine and she shares this passion with her Nanny and Poppy. They have given her wonderful opportunities with the horses, and I am so grateful to them for this.

We hear you have big plans ahead?

The Corporate Fitness Challenge is on in October, and I am really looking forward to working with businesses and building relationships to support the community. I have a great team.

Shane Roche has come all the way from Ireland. His accent is enough to spark your interest, and then you do one of his sessions … and you just have to keep going back.

Regina Gosson is my best friend and my right hand. We are always together. We train together and we hang out together. Regina has been a great support to me, and I am grateful to both of these dynamic people for their efforts.

I have some fantastic projects to feature early next year and am excited to see where this business takes me. I am completing my certification in Rehabilitation, so I look forward to working in that field.

I had a knee reconstruction in July last year after a netball injury, and it made me realise how important it is to look after your body – and also the work required to get it back to normal.

I want to be able to help people prevent injuries and help get them through some really tough times with rehabilitation.

Is there anyone you wish to thank?

I can’t go without thanking my family and friends for all the support. I am very fortunate to have a wealth of people encouraging me, and I am truly grateful for that.

My mum does so much for me. She is my rock! Love you Mum.

Thank you Susan.

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