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With the new Cleanaway Armidale waste collection contract having recently commenced, we sat down with Cleanaway Branch Manager for North Western NSW, Stuart Carsley (pictured right), to learn a little bit more about him, the business and what the new contract means for local resident.

In 2011, the Armidale and Guyra Councils awarded Cleanaway the contract to provide general waste collection services for Armidale and Guyra, extending also to Black Mountain, Tinga, Llangothlin and Ben Lomond. Cleanaway has also taken responsibility for the collection of Armidale’s organic ‘City to Soil’ service, with all collections commencing on 1 February 2012 for the duration of the initial eight year contract.

Stuart said the team was excited about the start of the new Cleanaway services in the local area.

“We are committed to providing local residents and businesses in Armidale and Guyra with the most professional and safe waste collection services possible,” Stuart said.

“We’re particularly proud to be working with Armidale Council on their new organic program, which will enable residents to place food scraps in their green waste bins for recycling.

“This is a great program that will help the Armidale community reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill,” he said.

The new contract will also see some shiny new ‘space age’ trucks take to the streets.

Three brand new six-wheeler Dennis Eagle trucks, fitted with state of the art Superior Pak side lift bodies, will be responsible for undertaking the collection services.

Stuart said the trucks not only looked unique, but also set new standards for driver comfort and safety.

“The trucks provide excellent visibility for our drivers, with any potential blind spots minimised.

“In addition to the large glass cabin, a four-way colour camera system enables the driver to observe multiple points on the vehicle during operation, with cameras above and below the tail gate, a side view camera, and a hopper camera to observe the collected material and any misplaced waste.

“To further adhere to Cleanaway’s ‘Zero Harm’ philosophy and ensure safe operating in local residential areas, the trucks are also fitted with a ‘Smart Brake’ automatic braking system that engages when the driver alights from the vehicle,” he said.

While the trucks largely take care of ensuring the waste ends up in the right place, Stuart said there were a number of ways residents could help make their job of collecting it that little bit safer and easier.

“By placing bins on the kerbside the night before the service day and spacing the bins and recycling crates apart and away from any obstacles such as trees and parked cars, residents will ensure we can get in and out of their street as quickly and safely as possible.

“Residents should also refer to the information regarding the ‘City to Soil’ service on the lid of the bin to check they are using the right bin for the right type of waste.

“By following this information, residents will reduce the contamination level in the bins, which in turn helps us reduce the waste going to landfill.

“Instead, the correctly disposed green waste and food scraps are made into compost, which many local growers are using to improve soil fertility,” he said.

While the latest contract has only just commenced, residents may not be aware that Cleanaway has, in fact, been operating in the Tamworth area for more than 30 years.

Stuart himself has been employed by Cleanaway for 27 years and now looks after the businesses in Tamworth, Armidale, Moree, Glen Innes and Coffs Harbour.

Based in Tamworth, Stuart looks after 24 staff and 21 trucks in these areas and has responsibility for the Council waste collection contracts in Tamworth, Glen Innes and the new Armidale Council contract.

“I have been in my current role for the last three years, after moving from the Central Coast in New South Wales to Tamworth when Cleanaway was awarded the Tamworth Regional Council Waste collection contract in August, 2009.

“I really enjoy the relaxed lifestyle Tamworth and surrounding areas offer.

“The people, community and more relaxed way of life are a breath of fresh air – so much so, that we have regular visits from our grown up children who live on the Central Coast, as they also enjoy these unique aspects!” he said.

In addition to providing Council waste collection services, Cleanaway also operates a commercial and industrial (C&I) waste collection service in Tamworth, Moree, Coffs Harbour and now Armidale.

The C&I services available include the collection of general waste, paper and cardboard recycling services to businesses within these areas.

Stuart said Cleanaway would like to work with more local businesses to help reduce their waste to landfill.

“By recycling paper and cardboard, businesses can reduce their waste costs.

“We can work with them to do this by supplying 1.5, 3 and 4.5 cubic metre bins for general waste, and paper and recycling services.

“All paper and cardboard that is collected from businesses in Armidale is also taken to a local business for processing – with Armidale Recycling on Long Swamp Road undertaking this before sending off for use in new paper products,” he said.

Businesses interested in discussing their requirements further can contact Stuart and his team on (02) 6765 3177.

Any residential enquiries regarding Armidale Council waste services can be directed to the Waste Hotline on 1300 136 322.

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