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New Works by Stuart Boggs is the next exhibition to open at Gallery 126, on Friday 2 March. We asked Stuart about his work, influences on his art and the exhibition.




Following 2 group shows last year – one locally and one with the Frances Keevil Gallery in Sydney, I have built up a body of new works for this show. I have continued to abstract the landscape, taking it a bit further than in previous paintings.

The more that I paint and play with the landscape, I realise how my geological background has influenced the way I paint … geology being the palette of all landscapes.

The landscapes of my immediate environment feature in the works, namely the gorge country around Armidale, especially Dangars Falls, coastal landforms and more recently, the Gloucester and Barrington Tops area or even less specific areas as in one painting, Full Dams and Green Hills.

In this exhibition, my work I think has become more abstracted.  Some of the paintings come from drawings, initially in ink, then overlayed with paint and more paint, while others are just the application of paint.

One large work is on canvas, while the others are on paper. I still prefer to work on paper in preference to canvas, because of the texture and the qualities of heavy cotton rag paper. It facilitates an immediate absorption of paint, allowing the marks to be visible when the paint is scraped back.

My palette is now warmer and extended; however, I still can’t resist the blues … maybe as a result of the last few months of dreary grey weather!

A larger work on paper is a combination of graphite, oil stick and collaged overlays, in an attempt to capture a link between art, the visual landscape and the earth’s structure, i.e. geology.

Influential painters in the past few years may have changed; however, Turner and Monet still have a major impact on my work. The more art you see, I guess the more you are influenced – even in a subtle subconscious way.

Another artist introduced me to the work of the contemporary German painter, Gerhard Richter, whose abstract work involves applying the paint and then ‘blurring’ through the layers.

With my day job, I get to see the whole gamut of artworks which must influence my art. In addition, the day to day contact with other artists and the many and varied conversations all contribute to the making of my art. The exhibition opens on Friday 2 March and runs until Saturday 24 March.

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  1. Natalie says:

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  2. Hi. Just saw you guys on 60 minutes and are wondering whether there’s any butchers in Brisbane or the Gold Coast that stock your chicken products?

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