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Skye Petho is one of the region’s most well-known creatives. Skye’s shop, Arthouse Industries on Sunset Parade, Port Macquarie is a favourite with visitors and locals alike looking for unique fashion and giftware pieces from creative designers from our area and further afield.

As well as being a retailer, Skye creates eye-catching glass bead jewellery and also works as an arts mentor and business trainer. Skye tells us all about her latest passion project, Creative Registry Australia…

What is Creative Registry Australia, and how did you come up with the idea?

It’s a bit like Tinder – it helps creatives and retailers hook up!

Creative Registry Australia is an online platform that connects small business creatives with retailers who are looking to buy and stock Australian handmade items.

I’ve always been passionate about supporting Australian creatives and dedicated to sourcing unique, handmade, limited edition items.

Working as both a creative and a retailer, I understand the challenges both face. For creatives, it’s difficult to be found. Creatives are great at creating, but often don’t want to spend their time or money securing retailers to stock and sell their items. For retailers, it’s time consuming and difficult to find those special, handmade, high quality items to make their stores stand out.

And so, the idea for CRA was created!

What type of creative artists are signing up?

We’re looking to fill the site with unique offerings from a broad range of artists, creatives, makers and designers.

CRA is for Australian, unique, quality handmade goods. We’re not interested in the cheap, junky, imported stuff you sometimes see at markets. That’s what sets us apart from other creative platforms like Etsy.

The creatives who are signing up live and breathe their creative projects – whether it be painting, jewellery making, ceramics, photography, textiles, design and more.

For these creatives it can be really expensive to break into the bigger wholesale markets and extremely time consuming to approach and pitch to retailers directly.

Through Creative Registry Australia, it’s easy for creatives to be found by and connect with ready-to-purchase retailers. Creatives are able to reach new audiences, expand their brand, build their business and sell their products.

The best bit is CRA provides the search power through the platform – the rest is up to you; we won’t charge commissions or a fee for sales.

And how does Creative Registry Australia help retailers?

By using Creative Registry Australia, retailers can stay one step ahead of their competitors by discovering unique stock for their shelves.

It’s free to search and connect directly with top quality, independent creatives.

Searching on Creative Registry Australia is as simple as typing in a keyword and browsing the results. It’s quick and easy, available anywhere – anytime. Retailers can choose to link up with creatives in their local area, or discover creative products from right around the country.

I know how hard it can be to source unique, handmade Australian items that you can’t find in every other store in town.

Retail shop owners often spend hours of their time outside of the business searching for suppliers. They also rely on crowded, overwhelming trade fairs and wholesale markets, but this obviously takes them away from their business and doesn’t always uncover that special high quality piece they’re looking to stock.

Creative Registry Australia is a business-to-business tool that smooths, simplifies and speeds up the wholesale process.

What other benefits will Creative Registry Australia provide?

I genuinely want to support individual businesses and the industry as a whole. I’m putting together a whole host of valuable resources to help creatives turn their passion into a profession.

Those who join Creative Registry Australia will have access to valuable tips and techniques to grow and improve their businesses.

We’ll produce a range of business how-tos on a range of topics, including pricing, marketing, merchandising, packaging, legals, accounting and sales conversion.

I also want to use Creative Registry Australia to build a community, where we can all learn from and support each other. I’m exploring the idea of CRA catch-ups to get creatives together in the future.

What are your plans for Creative Registry Australia beyond Port Macquarie?

We’re currently focusing on filling the site with creatives from Newcastle to Coffs Harbour. We have so many talented people in our region, and countless boutique stores. We want to help them find each other and support local businesses.

From there, we’ll be launching the site Australia-wide next year!

Tell us about the special launch offer?

Creatives can sign up now to secure a listing for the first six months FREE! This is a limited time offer, so get in fast.

It’s quick and easy to sign up – just tell us a little bit about you, your business and your items, then you’re ready to be discovered. Sign up for FREE now at

Thanks Skye.

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