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Sam and his family have recently made the tree change to the New England region. Newly appointed manager of the PCYC Armidale, Sam is looking forward to enhancing the PCYC and getting the current activities pumping! FOCUS chats with Sam about his re-location, the PCYC and the future …

Tell us a little about yourself …

I was born in Glen Innes and after school left the New England for Townsville, in sunny North Queensland. I originally had ambitions on becoming a vet, but after a few years my passion drew me to the sports world. I was honoured enough to have the opportunity to play AFL in Sydney, after which moving back to Townsville to finish my degree in Sports Science.     

What brought you to the area?

My partner and I both love the region and when my partner was offered a veterinary role at Uralla Vet Clinic, we both jumped on the opportunity.  

Tell us about your new position …

As manager of PCYC, I am in charge of many different branches, all working under the same roof. PCYC Armidale has a fully functional fitness centre, sports complex, after school and vacation care, as well as youth crime prevention programs – all of which I oversee. Every day is different, meeting new faces of the community working together to help the community.    

What is the plan for the PCYC over the next few months?

Over the next few months the community will see major changes to the club. The club will see the reintroduction of archery classes, which was once a major success. The club’s functional area will also get a makeover, to introduce Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag, which will be a great thing for the town. 

What’s the best part about what you do?

My job has endless opportunities; I can be putting on a program to help underprivileged youth or be working with top level athletes. Our mission here reaches such a large portion of the Armidale community, and we are always looking to reach more. 

What has been the biggest challenge moving back and starting your new role in the New England?

New England is very unique in terms of business marketing and running events. Word of mouth is so powerful, and the biggest challenge will be making PCYC the talking point of the town once again.   

What challenges does the Armidale PCYC face at the moment?

Being a not for profit organisation, we rely on funding from grants and the community to run programs. With increased youth crime in the region, we have found it challenging to source funding and volunteers to ensure programs can address these issues.   

Any final thoughts?

Keep a lookout for new and exciting things coming to PCYC and if anyone has an upcoming event or charity day, please get in contact to see if we can help.  

Thanks Sam.

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