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New Year’s Resolutions:keeping it simple … and enjoying what’s on in 2013. Things seem to get unnecessarily complicated these days.

People are nervous they could be liable, they could be sued, that if they make the wrong decisions there is no way back, so they prefer other people to make the decisions. They like Consultants, as they can take the blame after they’ve moved on.

Everything seems to take much longer, as everyone covers their bases.

Meetings take forever, and then adjourn ‘til next time.

Can we do better and still be responsible?

There was a marvellous article in The Australian on November 7, written by Toby Miller, Professor of Cultural Industries (a new title on me, I must admit) at City University, London.

I quote:

• “One, no meeting is ever convened other than to take decisions.

• Two, nobody is required to go to a meeting unless its decisions affect them.

• Three, … managers must begin meetings with discussion of a recent …  article or book on any topic – apart from management.

The last one should really reduce meeting time.”

Lateral thinking – but some sense!

I think it would be terrific if big organisations had someone with a good knowledge of operations who could fast-track reasonable requests and minimise waiting times.

Oh well, dream on …

Meanwhile, let’s keep enjoying all the choices we have here. It’s always so depressing if we hear someone quoted as saying: “What on earth happens in this town?  It seems absolutely dead!”

Those of us who live here reel back as we know – or we should – that there is so much to do whatever your interests, that we often feel we’re running from one thing to another.

There are some really big events coming up early in 2013 – something for every taste.

Although there isn’t a gi-normous illuminated sign with updates running across it, there is lots of information out there if people want to look for it. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a big board up somewhere like the Marsh Street end of the East Mall with weekly/monthly major events listed.

The Visitors’ Information Centre undoubtedly has heaps of updates for visitors.

The NEW ENGLAND ON NOW – NEON website is so very well set out and full of information for the month.

And of course, buying a local newspaper always gives an insight into what’s doing.

Special events involving town, district and university are continually on the boil.

Whether it’s sport, music, theatre, film or specialised interests across the spectrum – it’s all out there!

Take my word for it.

Susie Dunn.

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