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Local McDonald’s Licensees, Benita and Troy Johnson, are hoping that the Armidale community will look beyond the Big Mac and see that McDonald’s Armidale is committed to supporting the local community.

Benita began her journey with McDonald’s when she was accepted as a Crew Member at a McDonald’s restaurant in Melbourne at the young age of 14. She moved to Armidale to pursue her university degree.

Shortly after her move, she saw an opportunity to continue working for McDonald’s and became part of the opening management team when the restaurant first opened in Armidale in 1989. Ten years later, Benita and her husband, Troy, took over the Armidale restaurant and have never looked back since.

After more than 25 years working with McDonald’s, Benita, together with Troy, continue to find ways to revitalise the business and earlier this year re-modelled the restaurant as part of their ongoing commitment to providing a quality dining experience for all their customers.

“At McDonald’s Armidale, we believe that it’s our responsibility to keep finding new ways to provide even better service to our customers, and at the same time, give our local community something to be proud of,” said Benita.

The recent re-modelling saw an overhaul of both the external and internal facilities of the restaurant, resulting in a more modern and relaxed look and feel. The new restaurant design involved increasing seating capacity within the restaurant, new tables and chairs, new toilets and a brand new Playland and outdoor seating area, designed with ultimate child safety in mind.

In addition, new water saving devices, such as smaller water tanks and urinals were also installed in the restaurant, which will help decrease the restaurant’s water usage by at least 30%.

“I know our customers love our new, modern look when they come into the restaurant, and the Armidale community has been very encouraging. A lot of hard work has gone into making sure this is a restaurant that everyone will enjoy, and we were mindful that the restaurant remodel reflected the style and warmth of the Armidale community,” added Troy.

The renovation has brought further growth to the restaurant and paved the way for Benita and Troy to offer new employment opportunities to local residents and provide career advancement to current Crew Members, including traineeships and management roles. Since the re-model, they have hired 20 new Crew Members and currently have 160 employees on the roster.

Together, Benita and Troy bring a wealth of experience, passion and knowledge of McDonald’s best-practice operations, with which to educate and train young members of the community seeking to start a career with McDonald’s. They take pride in not only being able to provide a job, but a career path for all their employees and take their role very seriously when it comes to education and career progression.

“It’s our mission to be recognised as an employer of opportunity. As Licensees, we continually work to provide opportunities to local residents who are serious about pursuing a career at McDonald’s,” said Benita.

“With many of our employees still in high school, it is important to provide them with all the specialised training they need to succeed in the restaurant while studying – and even forge a career path at McDonald’s,” she added.

“At the same time, we have a number of mature Crew Members who have great experience in the industry, which has truly been beneficial to our wider team and to our customers. The mix of older and younger Crew Members not only makes our team diverse, but it also provides an opportunity for our team to learn from each others’ skills and knowledge,” said Troy.

“Being a McDonald’s Licensee is very rewarding, and we always encourage our staff to reach for the stars. Your business is only as successful as the staff you train, and we try to instill a culture that nurtures the managers or business owners of tomorrow,” he said.

Benita and Troy hope the Armidale community do not see them as just restaurant owners, but rather, active members of the community. As part of their commitment to supporting the Armidale community, the pair is involved with various local community groups, cultural and sporting groups and local initiatives, including the Barbarian’s Rugby Club, New England Outdoor Expo, Abi National Rugby Camp and the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre, to name a few.

“We believe it is important as restaurant owners to support the community that supports you, and we aim to continue to forge new relationships with various community groups and organisations here in Armidale – to help the community reach their goals,” said Troy.

“We’d like to thank everyone involved for making our restaurant re-modelling a success – in particular our suppliers and their tireless staff, who worked so hard over the 14 weeks of construction. At the same time, we would like to extend our thanks to the entire Armidale community – especially all our customers, who were so patient despite the disruptions brought about by the renovations,” said Benita.

“We look forward to serving the residents of the Armidale community for many years to come,” concluded Benita.

McDonald’s Armidale is located at 131 Marsh Street, Armidale NSW 2350.

A word from Joblink Plus

The dedicated team at Joblink Plus Armidale have a valuable relationship with McDonald’s owners Troy and Benita Johnson. The assistance provided by Joblink Plus benefits all involved, by supporting local jobseekers to re-enter the workforce as well as assisting McDonald’s with their recruitment needs.

The recruitment services provided to McDonald’s included advertising available positions, screening applications and arranging interview times. The Armidale team placed five casual staff into employment at McDonald’s and continued their support by providing work footwear and pre-employment training.

These services are provided free of charge by Joblink Plus to the New England business community.

Recruitment Consultant Phil Williams and the team have an in-depth understanding of the types of financial assistance packages that are available to employers if they consider employing a job seeker who Joblink Plus is assisting to re-enter the workforce. These incentives may include wage subsides, training assistance, apprenticeship incentives, personal support for six months and assistance with completing forms and regulatory requirements.

From businesses employing a trainee or looking to train their current staff, to anyone looking for support with qualifications for their career and everyone in between – regardless of your needs, you can benefit from using Joblink Plus.

Joblink Plus wish Troy and Benita all the best for their future success and look forward to working together providing more employment opportunities for the New England community.

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    I am a journalist and was just wondering if you could give me the email of Benita Johnson as i would love to chat with her regarding her community involvement and her position at mcdonalds. Thanks so much.

    Madeleine Wiedemann
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