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Tell us about NERAM’s latest exhibition, EMANATE.

EMANATE showcases the work of ten recent graduates from the National Art School, Sydney. The exhibition illuminates the conceptual and material investigation of a new generation of artists as they transition from being students to independent creative professionals. 

The artworks are highly contemporary and experimental and represent the energy and innovation that emanates from tertiary arts education in Australia.  The National Art School is Australia’s leading independent fine art school, and its students are encouraged to think creatively across creative disciplines, which allows for broad experimentation and innovative work to be developed.      

So what kind of artwork will we see?

EMANATE includes a wide range of new works, including: video, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing and neons. Works, such as Alkex Moulis’ Overboard, are responsive to current political and social narratives, whereas an artist like Louise Allerton pushes our understanding of certain mediums. Working in photo media and installation, Allerton also creates anaglyphs which require the viewer to wear 3D glasses to perceive depth. Likewise, Wendy Miller expands her sculptural practice to include video and photography to allow a temporal element to shift the viewers’  perception of sculpture, which is usually static. Collectively, these artists show current ideas and ways of making, while also proposing a future direction for art in Australia.     

What audience is this exhibition for?

Anyone interested in art will enjoy this exhibition; it is fresh, dynamic and engaging. In particular, this exhibition would be of interest to young and inspiring artists in the region who may be studying art in high school and are considering further studies at a tertiary level. The works in EMANATE will give these students inspiration and some insight into the kind of artistic journey their own work may take.      

How long will this exhibition last?

The exhibition opens Friday, February 8th and will continue until Sunday, April 7th. 

What other exhibitions are running or upcoming at NERAM?

NERAM have two new exhibitions by local regional NSW artists. Christina Porter: The Hundredth Shearing Shed explores the iconic Australian shearing shed in exceptional watercolors and Margaret Brooks: Thistles displays beautiful and delicate objects and handmade paper made from the nodding thistle. The Black Gully Printmakers have been working with Brisbane based artist Glen Skein to make new work for MATERIAL THNKING: The Poetics of Process. We also have the ongoing exhibition HINTON: Treasures of Australian Art and a new display of works from the NERAM Collection On Paper. And of course, there is our beautiful art inspired gift shop and the fabulous NERAM café open for breakfast, lunch and all your coffee and cake needs.         

If the community want to find out more, what should they do?

Check out our newly re-launched website or visit us at NERAM. 

Hero artowkr: Heidi Melamed, Strange Realities: Constellation 2018

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