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Croissants, tarts, coffee, macaroons are just the tip of the pastry mountain that Aurora café at the viaduct centre has to offer. We all love a great french Patisserie, now the New England can call Aurora Café their own. We catch up with Nathan and Enora to talk about all things pastry …

Enora and Nathan, tell us about your journey of discovery – food as a way of life?

Enora: I moved to Australia seven years ago from France, without much English. I started work as a kitchen hand at Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane. Working closely with some very talented chefs, I discovered the amazing process of creating fine dining dishes, flavour matching and the creative use of colours. I am not a chef myself, but having an art degree background helped me appreciate the creative environment that working in hospitality can offer.

Nathan: I started my trade in Armidale in 1998, then moved to Sydney working in hatted restaurants. It took me about six years to really start to love working with food. I travelled and worked in France in 2010, where I had the opportunity to work with some amazing local produce. Meeting the producers and farmers, I gained a new appreciation for food and how important it is in our lives.

When and how did your paths cross?

Nathan and I met in Canberra, when we were both working at Old Parliament House; Nathan working as the head chef and me as the event coordinator. We were working closely together and saw immediately that we were complimentary to each other. Our vision of quality of service and quality food was very similar.

What prompted you to move to Armidale?

We decided to move to Armidale after our last trip to Brittany in France to be close to family (Nathan being originally from here) as well as the seasonal climate and lifestyle. Both of us grew up in country towns; after working in big cities like Sydney and Brisbane, we wanted to go back to basics: working with communities, local producers and farmers.

Armidale and its region has incredible potential and the existing products from local farmers and producers are amazing; you only need to go to the farmers’ market and sample it for yourself.

What is Aurora Catering Company? Describe your cuisine and what customers can expect to experience …

Aurora Catering Company is a place where we can both be creative, express our passion for quality service, quality food and be a part of the local community, in a setting inspired by the Brittany region of France.

During the week, we will be offering a nice range of French pastries like coffee and chocolate eclairs, lemon meringue tarts, almond croissants, with some gluten free and vegan options, as well as homemade pies, quiches and sandwiches, and plated breakfast on Saturdays from 8am – crepes and galettes and also some Aussie classics.

We have lots of free carparking, wheelchair access, a bathroom, and a dog friendly courtyard.

Plans for the future?

We can also hire out the café for small private events such as cocktail parties, small wedding receptions, birthdays. In the future we are looking at doing pop-up Italian and French restaurant nights, and you can find our small crepe cart at the farmers’ market.

We are open Monday to Friday from 7am and 8am on Saturday. Ph (02) 6772 3376 for the café or 0417 553 266 for catering.

Thanks guys.

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