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Four piece band Matt, Dave and the Other Guy is a conglomerate of fantastic local musos comprising, of course, Matt and Dave, Josh and lead singer Amy. FOCUS tuned in Matt Nolan, to hear about what is happening in the world of these upcoming stars.

Tell us a little about Matt, Dave and the Other Guy …

We are a four-piece band that started in 2017 in Armidale and have been playing gigs around the New England area. The band is Amy Roff (Vocals), Matt Nolan (Guitar), Josh Dobson (Bass), and Dave Van Tongeren (Drums).

Dave and Matt run their own studios in town, teaching drums and guitar respectively, and Josh creates wonderful delights at Dobson’s Distillery in Kentucky. Amy works at every establishment in town…

We started by playing all sorts of covers together, which helped us figure what kind of sound works for us as a group, but we are now working on writing our original music, with the intention of releasing an EP in the near future.

Tell us how the Matt, Dave and the Other Guy began …

After meeting during some Armidale Drama Musical Society productions, it started with the intention of being an acoustic duo, but we quickly realised we wanted to have bigger palette of sound to play with, so that’s when Dave and Josh came on board.

What sort of genre do you play?

Rock and Pop would probably describe us best. We try not to trap ourselves into a single genre and enjoy playing whatever is fun or interesting.

Biggest influence and why?

Everything! We all come from different musical backgrounds. Our singer, Amy, has a musical theatre background. Matt has come from Rock and Classical Guitar, and Josh and Dave have played in Jazz and Rock bands in the past, so it’s hard to pick one – but Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me was probably the impetus for our love of music.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced over this time?

Logistics. We all have day jobs, so getting everyone together in the same place at the same time for rehearsals can be a bit of a nightmare. Also, we played at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this year, and it was so hot the PA fried – so that was a challenge!

Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge who has supported your band? 

The Welders Dog, for asking us to play at the anniversary of their opening last year, which was our first gig. Also, the community for coming along and grooving with us.

How can the community help; when is you next gig?

By coming to see us play, and by supporting live music in general! There has been a lot of live music around Armidale again in the last couple of years, which is great, and the more people who come to gigs, the more opportunities there will be for musicians to play. We have a few things in the works for upcoming performances, so keep your eyes peeled!

What next for Matt, Dave and the Other Guy?

More gigs, more writing and hopefully creating a wider reach for the band. We are putting in some hard work to get our original songs together, so that we can release an EP in the near future.

Any final words? 

We’ve had lots of fun in this early period of the band, playing gigs and writing music, and we hope that people have been entertained by our stuff so far. For any booking, you can find us on our Facebook page.

P.S. Dave the drummer is single.

Thanks Matt.

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