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Armidale residents, Nicole Symington and Bill Bloomfield, had the time of their lives in January when they took their son Dylan and grandchildren Levi, Kodi and Chelsea to the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs.



The fun started as soon as the Armidale family entered the park. Thirty minutes prior to the main pool presentations, they got to enjoy a seal and dolphin kiss.

Next they moved on to see the ‘Marine Magic Presentation’, which was a delightful thirty minutes of interesting and entertaining information, as well as exciting routines that showcased the natural abilities of both seals and dolphins. The presentation was highly interactive, with Nicole and Bill’s family given the opportunity to get involved.

After the show, they were encouraged to pat and play ball with the dolphins, with a trainer supervising the interaction. Nicole informed us here at FOCUS that the highlight of the day was the ‘Family Dolphin Experience’, where both the grandparents and children enjoyed twenty minutes in the water with a dolphin. “It was amazing to touch and play with such a magnificent creature,” says Nicole. “We all really enjoyed playing with the dolphin. I will cherish the photos of my family giving the dolphin a great big kiss. And the smiles on our grandkids’ faces were unforgettable, as they gave the dolphin a hug and a tickle on her tongue.

“What a special time we had! Hearing the dolphin speak, feeding her a fish and viewing her underwater are memories that we will always treasure.”

The Pet Porpoise Pool has been operating as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for over 41 years now and is a well known and loved, award winning tourist attraction for providing hands on interaction with animals, while providing education about marine animals, conservation and sustainability.

The aim of the park is to connect people with these animals, so that there is a mutual respect and consideration of their place out in the wild. Half of the animals who go into care at the Park are rescued and rehabilitated and remain well cared for at the PPP, while others have been transported to the facility or born at the Park.

Other than Seaworld on the Gold Coast, the Pet Porpoise Pool is the only Marine Park which holds a license nationally to house Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins.

The park has 5 dolphins and 15 seals, with a variety of fish in the Reef Tank, Sea Turtles and Little Blue Penguins.

For more information, phone 6659 1900.

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