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Lior burst on to the Australian music scene in 2005 with his stunning debut album – “Autumn Flow”. Recorded and released entirely independently, and spearheaded by “This Old Love” and subsequent singles “Daniel” and  “Autumn Flow”, the album became one of the most successful independent debuts in Australian history, with sales surpassing Platinum.

A swag of accolades followed, amongst them three Aria nominations (including Best Male Artist), as well as triple j’s prestigious “J Award” nomination for Album of the Year.

Now is you chance to see Lior perform live at the Bello Winter Music Festival …

Where did you grow up, and at what age did you realise your musical talent?

I was born in Israel and moved to Australia when I was 10 years old. I started playing the guitar around the age that I came to Australia and a few years into playing, I became much more interested in singing and songwriting. I wasn’t very good at singing when I started, but it just felt like a beautiful escape and like home at the same time, so I just threw myself into it.

I spent most of my late teen years playing in bands, and by the time I was in my early 20s, I made the decision to start a solo career, which led me up to recording my first album, Autumn Flow, in 2005.

How did you get involved in the music scene?

I did a lot of gigging with bands growing up in the Sydney music scene. I was writing a lot of songs and bringing them to the bands I was in. Looking back, I don’t think I was a very easy to deal with band member. I didn’t take well to the compromises that one has to make in order to keep a band together. Eventually I embraced the stubborn control freak within and set about to write songs for my first solo album.

Why was your debut album Autumn Flow such a major milestone for you?

I recorded and released Autumn Flow entirely independently. There was no hype or marketing around the album, so the success of it was purely due to the fact that the songs were resonating with people in a real and honest way. That sort of reaction from an audience was all I wanted as a singer songwriter.

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have a loyal and organic following. It is the music career I dreamed of from an early age, and I feel extremely grateful to have that.

What can fans expect from your much anticipated performance at the Bello Winter Music Festival next month?

The show in Bello will be an intimate solo show. I’ll be performing a few songs from my new album that I have just completed, as well a selection of old faves.

What have been some of the highlights of your career as an artist?

Playing at Carnegie Hall would have to be one. Opening for James Taylor and Carole King was certainly right up there too. Music really does take you to so many amazing places.

Something people may not know about you?

I’m pretty good on the soccer field. I grew up the Mediterranean way and spent a lot of my time kicking a ball around.

Thanks Lior.

Since its origin, Bello Winter Music has seen the addition of various new venues, the reappearance of street theatre, workshops, marketplaces and the ever popular magic bus; and, of course, year after year of stellar lineup announcements.

In 2017 the event sold out in record time, and showcased another mighty bill of much loved international, national and local artists and content. The first street parade also took place, along with the now coveted YOUTH MENTORSHIP programme and further workshops, walks and talks to engage the sustainability and eco-minded, as well as many arts and cultural elements for all to enjoy.


Catch Lior at this year’s Bello Winter Music Festival, 12 – 15 July.

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