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Karise Eden first captured the nation’s attention in 2012 when she won the television series “The Voice” at the age of 19 with a uniquely soulful yet powerful vocal style. She broke records for the most number of singles in the national sales chart (previously held by The Beatles) and went on to have the biggest selling album nationally for an Australian artist that year. See Karise live at The SerVies on Friday July 3.

The name of the new album and tour is Things I’ve Done – what’s behind the title?
I guess it’s got a bit of a double meaning. The album is full of songs talking about my life … things I’ve done or experienced. At the same time, it’s the finished product of songs I’ve been working on since my first album (and beforehand)… so it’s me literally saying, “Here you go; here’s what I’ve been doing since my last album!” Ha ha!

Your album covers a range of genres from soul, pop, rock to timeless ballads – what are some of the artists that inspired you? I love Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and a lot of rockers like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Guns N Roses. I also like newer acts like Imagine Dragons, James Bay, Alabama Shakes, Gary Clarke Jnr, and local fave Kasey Chambers.

Do you have a favourite song on the album? It changes from time to time, but I still reckon Things I’ve Done is my favourite. It’s got a timeliness feel to it and lyrically reflects my journey so far. The line: “young but I’m an old soul” is pretty spot on.

What can people expect from your upcoming tour? Well, I’ll be there ha ha… I’ve done a few intimate acoustic shows recently, but this time around I’ll be stepping it up and bringing a full band. Obviously playing songs from the new album, a few faves from my first album and a few surprise covers. Looking forward to belting out with the energy of a full band behind me, that’s for sure. Some songs work better stripped back raw to just one instrument and vocals, so I’ll do that too.

The new sine, Lonelines, seems to delve into some of your personal experiences …
Yeah for sure, it talks about some of the stuff I’ve been through and things we’ve all been through in some form or another – feeling alone and rejected. But it’s also about staying positive and believing that things will come around. I’m in a good place now, so I can look back and say, “Yes I’ve had a sh*t time, but things are looking up”.

You wrote your album all over the world, from London to LA to Melbourne to your farm in QLD. What been your favourite place to gather inspiration and write? I’ve got a little spot on my farm where I like to go and chill out. I’ve written a few songs and came up with some ideas there. I’m not a huge fan of LA itself, but I met some great writers there, so I guess it’s good as a little hub of artists to collaborate with.

A lot of people get chills when listening to you sing. Do any singers give you those chills? Janis has that affect on me definitely; she sang with so much raw feeling and emotion, that you can’t help but be drawn in by it.

We’ve heard your incredible voice on the radio, online and on TV – what can we expect from Karise Eden live in concert? I guess the difference is the rawness and energy that you can never quite capture in the studio. I sing with a lot of passion and emotion, so I’m hoping people connect with that. I’m also bringing an awesome band with me, so I’m sure there will be some kickarse solos thrown in … drums, keys, guitars the whole lot.

Thanks Karise.

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