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Kamahl Barhoush is the Director of KAMS Group, which provides personal and group fitness training that inspires and empowers participants.

> How long have you lived in the region?

I was born and bred in Tamworth and after moving to Sydney to study at Uni, I moved to Canada and Europe before settling back in Australia in 1998.
I took on a role with NSW Sport and Recreation based out of Dubbo when I returned from overseas and stayed there for 3 years. At the end of 2000 I moved to Armidale, purchasing the ‘Uppercrust’ takeaway and catering business (in keeping with family traditions!)
Then, in 2003, I sold the business, took on some casual teaching at Armidale High School in their PDHPE department and started lecturing Functional Anatomy & Physiology at Armidale TAFE. It was at this time that a fledgling KAMS business was being developed.

> Tell us about your family?

I hail from a fairly traditional Lebanese family, one of only a handful in the region (and yes, the food was amazing growing up!).
My mother’s family have been settled in Kootingal since somewhere around the turn of the (20th) century, my father emigrated to Australia in 1974 after mum visited Lebanon and made a seemingly lasting impression.
Always wanting a large family, mum was unfortunately stuck with just me for the first 13 years, then exactly 9 months after a blackout at home, my brother Anthony was born. He has just finished uni in Canberra (Commerce) and is currently travelling in the USA and Canada. It is very exciting to hear his stories and adventures – it’s like I get to view the world for the first time again, and I have loved sharing his journey.
Our extended family is very close, and a regular Friday night dinner at my grandmother’s house could have anywhere from 6-16 people. At Christmas there are usually about 30 of us.

> What led you into personal fitness training?

As a PDHPE teacher, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of what it is like to have a direct effect on someone else’s life. Not through simply preaching and telling them what not to do, but by leading by example and having conversations that left students empowered and inspired.
Personal training was a logical step to combine this love of inspiration and empowerment with my love of being a business owner.

> How has your fitness business developed?

KAMS has developed from a one-man part time business to an organisation with 7 trainers and massage therapists. All of the KAMS trainers are not only professionals in their field but also combine attributes vital to this industry, including honesty, integrity and pleasing personalities (when they are not telling me what to do!).
KAMS provides personal and group fitness training, elite athlete speed and agility training, nutritional analysis and advice, remedial and sports massage therapy and corporate training programs including communication, team leadership and group dynamics.

> What is involved with your Metabolic Shift Program?

The MSP will change your life forever! I have been developing this program for the last 4 years, and since its launch in 2008, have achieved a 100% success rate (in fact the program comes with a money back guarantee).
The MSP was developed to create a shift in the metabolism. It detoxes the body, creates a hormone (re)balance, starting a weight and fat loss process that continues well after the 6-week program has ended.  It is a shift away from traditional diets (in fact most people start eating more!) that is revolutionary.
The results speak for themselves. Most participants go through some real lows as their hormones and metabolism shift, but then, by the end of the program, they have tried to sign up everyone around them and cannot sing its praises loudly enough!

>Describe your own fitness regime?

I really enjoy variety in my workouts. My fitness is not a strict regime that is followed, rather, I get the most enjoyment from spontaneously taking up an activity. For example, when it is raining on a hot day, I get great pleasure from going for a run. I often arrive early to the gym before a client, or hang around afterwards to do a few sets of weights.
Joining the Armidale cycle club on a Sunday morning for an early ride is also very enjoyable (I know I’ve missed a few, sorry guys!).
It is all about mixing it up and having a go at just about anything. When people are just getting into their fitness, it is important to have a set regime. This allows them to focus on set goals and form habits.
When training for particular events (such as an adventure race or trail run), I will follow set routines. However, I never have to worry about missing my training – even if it means using a push mower where I would normally use the ride-on to get a workout – I can always find some way of expending some of my pent-up energy.

> Plans for the future?

Personal and business growth are always on the radar. Personally, I have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery and awareness of myself as myself, as a partner and as a contributor to my friends and the community.
This growth will continue, with more goals to be set early in the new year. KAMS the business will undergo some new transformations in 2010. The Great Corporate Shape-Up will be developed into a franchised system; we are currently in discussion over a fitness facility that is unique within our industry and will pioneer a new way in which gyms and personal trainers operate together.
Also, plans are underway for a national-based training and information program that will use television as a medium to reach our wider community. Very busy indeed; I may even try to squeeze in a snowboarding trip at some stage!

> Thank you Kamahl.

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