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Jason Andrews is the Principal of New England Veterinary Centres. He shares his excitement about the relocation of the Armidale Clinic and also gives us some helpful advice on pet ownership.



How long have you owned NE Vet Centres?

Six years now; time has really flown!

In which order did you open your three vet clinics?

We acquired the Armidale and Guyra clinics together in 2006. As well as the excitement of our fabulous new Armidale clinic, this is a special time for us in Guyra, as the clinic there is currently celebrating its 30th year of service to the area. The Uralla clinic amalgamated with Armidale 3 years ago and has been a great addition for us.

Tell us about your staff?

As with any business, our staff are our greatest asset! We currently employ 4 full-time veterinarians and 4 part-time veterinarians between the 3 practices.

There are a wide variety of interests amongst our vets, covering all the species that are seen in the district. In the large animal field, these interests include reproduction, pregnancy diagnosis, herd medicine, equine embryo transfer, equine artificial insemination and equine dentistry.

While for the companion animals, to name just a few things, we have internal medicine, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, acupuncture, dentistry, and ultrasonography.

We are also able to offer some pretty unique services in the area, such as stem cell technology for arthritis. The business employs a number of new graduate veterinarians and hosts numerous veterinary students, as we enjoy being involved in the education and development of country practitioners.

We encourage our vets to do plenty of continuing education to build on their expertise, and between us are members of a number of Special Interest Groups within the Australian Veterinary Association. We are also lucky to have a number of extremely talented veterinary nurses on our team.

Our nurses are encouraged to complete certificate 4 training in TAFE and also to undergo continuing education. The nurses also cultivate their special interests – an example being that one of our nurses, Brooke, has just returned from spending the last several months as an intensive care foal nurse in Scone; we are delighted to have her back, and her additional knowledge and skills will be an asset to the nursing team.

All of our team are committed animal lovers and enjoy working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Why have you relocated your Armidale branch?

We have relocated to the new premises at 212 Rusden Street to allow us the opportunity to raise the standard of country veterinary practice to the same as that of our city counterparts.

The increased size allows us to have dedicated surgical, ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory, hospital and consultation areas. The building is purpose built for medical use and suits a veterinary hospital. All facilities are state-of-the-art, modern and veterinary specific. Our new clinic is of a standard to allow specialists to visit.

We are open long hours to allow people to come before and after work and provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service, ensuring there is always someone available when needed. We aim to be a progressive practice on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, and 212 Rusden St is the perfect location to achieve this aim.

A quick word of advice to pet owners?

Your pets are part of your family and deserve to receive care at the same standard as any other loved one. Now for the first time in Armidale, we have a facility that is fully capable of providing that care.

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    I have a male dog Boarder Collie about 7mths old microchip, needles already, council wants resisted. I am on a pension, I have heard that July is de-sexing month discounts. What is the cheapest price you are offering for de-sexing?

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