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“Don’t be so reckless” are words most familiar to the die hard fans of the eighties popular band, Australian Crawl (our editor being one of them). Here’s what James Reyne had to say to Sue Dee when she asked him why he’s coming Armidale on March 17.


What have been the highlights of your career since you left Australian Crawl?

Actually, Leaving Australian Crawl to go solo was the biggest highlight for me. We had been playing together for years, and we were all happy to end the band and go our separate ways. I have too many good memories to mention them all, but I think it was around 1987 when I released my self titled debut album. That album ended up producing six hit singles, including Hammerhead and Heaven On A Stick. In 1992 I teamed up with James Blundell to sing Way Out West, and that CD is still selling well. These days I am constantly touring, and I have performed all over Australia.

There have been too many highlights to mention them all.

How many solo albums have you produced?

I have another album coming out in March. It is simply called Thirteen, because it’s my thirteenth solo album. I put a new album out every couple of years.

Tell us about your acting career?

Yes, I’ve dabbled in a bit of acting. I acted in Return To Eden, as well as several other productions. I played Tina Turner’s manager in her bio movie called What’s Love Got To Do With It and in 2005, I appeared as a guest actor in a tele-movie called The Postcard Bandit.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere! If I knew the real answer to this question, I would bottle it. Sometimes I get ideas just from a passing comment made by someone. Other times it’s about my life experiences. I like to tinker with ideas, until something comes to me. Sometimes it doesn’t come, but more often it does. I’m not so young anymore, so my songs are better. I am much better at it now, because I have been doing it for so much longer.

What we can expect at Flix In The Stix?

Optus Flix In The Stix is a regional event with an open air cinema that showcases fresh, award winning short films. It is being held at Saumarez Homestead, and I am told this is a great place for entertainment. I will be performing an acoustic session with another guy called Brett Kingman, so it’s two guitars and two voices. I will be singing a lot of what my fans would expect me to sing, but the mood and location should promise a session quite unlike anything you have heard before. I am confident that you won’t be able to resist the temptation to clear out your vocals for a chorus or two.

A lot of you in the New England would know who larrikin Murray Hartin is. He’s the bush poet from Moree. I am looking forward to touring with him, as he is also appearing at Flix in The Stix.

Plans for the future …

Well, I make my living by working LIVE all over Australia, and I am pretty much always working. I love travelling Australia. It’s a big country, and it’s been really good to me. I don’t see my work ending too soon, so I will continue to do what I love most. In fact, I enjoy touring much more today than I did when I was younger.

Thanks James.

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