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FOCUS chats to Scott Sullivan, the CEO of the SerVies, about their biggest promotion ever… Home Sweet Home.

Scott, tell us about what Home Sweet Home is all about?

We are very excited about the Home Sweet Home Promotion, as it’s our biggest promotion in the history of SerVies! Each member has the chance to win a house and land package valued to $400,000 from G.J. Gardner’s or to have the chance to win $50,000 or $20,000, so at the minimum the winner will be guaranteed to walk away with $10,000 cash. Plus, we are also giving away $500 cash every week. It’s a fantastic opportunity for members to have the chance to win some incredible prize money.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea originated from a chat about the dream of owning your own home, and how these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult for that dream to become real. Saving money and working towards a deposit is often a lengthy and difficult process. We realised that we, Armidale SerVies, could help to possibly make this dream a reality through this promotion.

How do members enter the promotion?

Entering the promotion is easy – members simply need to spend $5 or more at the Mill Bistro or at any of our bars, swipe their membership card and receive one entry ticket. This ticket then needs to be placed in the Home Sweet Home Barrel in the Club’s foyer near Reception – there’s a big sign – you can’t miss it! So, for as little as $5, a member has the chance to win a house and land package or a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 on the grand final night.

How long is the promotion going for?

We started the promotion on 20th February, with the first finalists drawn on Saturday 25th February, and what a sight it was – seeing the members get involved and excited about the opportunity to change their life! A total of 20 tickets (finalists) will be drawn every Saturday for 13 weeks. The first person present will win a bonus $500, as well as being entered the major draw. We will finish on Saturday 27th May, with the major draw that evening. So, there are still chances to get into the weekly draws each Saturday up until Saturday 27th May. There is still the preliminary draw happening each week, so don’t forget to visit the club and join in for a chance to win.

Is this draw giving back to the community?

It is giving back to the community, and we like to support our community in many ways. Over the past 60 years, the Armidale Ex-Services Memorial Club has taken much pride in supporting various local community groups and organisations. Be it sporting groups, not for profits, schools, events and other local organisations, the club has provided support both financially and in-kind, wherever it’s needed. We exist because of the community, so it’s important to us to ensure we support community organisations. This promotion is a wonderful way to give back to the community and local members, to offer the chance to give a helping hand.

What’s the public’s response to Home Sweet Home so far?

It’s so wonderful to see the Armidale community getting involved with SerVies and enjoying our club and services offered, and this great promotion is no exception.

Home Sweet Home has our members abuzz with excitement at the chance to take part in a local promotion that really does give back to our community. We have been an integral part of the community for many years, and the public are getting right behind us to support Home Sweet Home.

Thanks Scott, for explaining this great promotion, and again we are seeing that the SerVies is the club that is really “Giving back to its members”!

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