Hire A Hubby, Michael Robinson

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Do you have a yard that needs tidying, furniture to assemble, or require some much-needed repairs around the home? There’s help at hand! Meet Michael Robinson, Armidale’s new Hire A Hubby franchisee … 

Hi Michael. Tell us a little about yourself and your family …

I’ve been a local to Armidale since 2003, and was married in 2009 to a local Armidale girl. I’ve spent most of my working life in kitchens as a dishy and worked my way up the ladder to gain my Cert III in Commercial Cookery and become a trade qualified chef.

We have expanded our family, having two dogs and being foster parents to two wonderful daughters, who live with us permanently.

What is it about the New England area in particular that you most enjoy?

The climate, people and lifestyle. It’s a very relaxing place to live and visit, as there are many wonderful places to see in the New England region. There are many tourist attractions, as well lots of hidden treasures to explore.

Michael, you mentioned you’re a qualified chef and have worked in hospitality for many years. What led to the career change – from chef to handyman?

Before cooking full-time, I was a builder’s labourer and have always enjoyed DIY and home projects. After 20 plus years in kitchens and having our foster daughters, it was time to change my career and make my way to a new career path that offered flexibility, and a better work, family and lifestyle balance.

Why did you choose to affiliate with the “Hire A Hubby” franchise in particular for your new career path?

I was drawn to Hire A Hubby after looking into other franchises or trying go out on my own. I found that Hire A Hubby offered the support network that was needed to run a successful business. 

I also spoke to another “HUBBY” to get perspective on the franchise, and he said it was the best thing he did for himself and family. They are like family to everyone – very welcoming, no questions are too silly to ask, and they always provide positive feedback. Everyone is full of great ideas, information, or up for a “drink”.

What types of services/repairs can you offer potential new clients?

At this point with my Hire A Hubby business I can offer new clients minor repairs with walls, doors, windows and screens, assemble furniture, complete small painting jobs, maintain lawns, gardens and provide other general maintenance and installation services.

Who’s your support crew – the team behind you in the office?

There is no way I could work in this business without the support of my lovely wife, Alison, who is my office administrator and righthand lady, and the support from family, friends and the local community.

Getting a new business off the ground has its challenges! What are your business goals for the next year or so?

My business goals are to have a successful handyman/home maintenance business and to obtain further qualifications and licences so I can offer a wider range of services.

If we have a job that needs a “hubby” to fix – what’s the process? How do we get in touch with you?

The process for “HIRE A HUBBY” is to call the call centre located in Melbourne on 1800 803 339, contact me via the web page:www.hireahubby.com.au – or you can find me on Facebook.

We do offer free, no obligation quotes.

When you’re not working, what activities do you enjoy?

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and two dogs, and getting away for short breaks in the caravan. I enjoy getting out into the garden and landscaping. I still enjoy cooking – but only at home these days.

Thanks Michael.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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