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Pharmacist Greg Hannon was born in Cooma, and at age six his family moved to Sydney. Since he moved to Armidale in 1980. he has never looked back.

Greg moved to Armidale in August 1980 to open Hannon’s Mount View Pharmacy on Rockvale Road. Having lived in both smaller and larger towns than Armidale, it did not take Greg long to see the wonderful things Armidale has to offer. He had always wanted to live in the country, and by luck, Armidale was where he ended up.  

Here are just some of the reasons Greg and his wife Jane love Armidale:

“People talk about country people being friendly and welcoming and it’s true – they are! Some people say ‘why are you still living in a town of 25,000 people?’ And my answer to them is this:

1. Armidale is a beautiful town with lots of trees, parks and hills. The beauty of the city is an absolute credit to the Council and our forefathers, who had passionate visions.

2. The sporting facilities. Due to the university’s influence, and compared to other towns without universities, Armidale has great sporting facilities and caters for a huge range of different sports. 

3. Culture. I am not a particularly cultured person, but I do enjoy our art gallery NERAM. Whatever your hobby is, I’m sure that in Armidale there is a group with similar interests. 

4. Education. Families looking for a great place to live need only look at the wonderful primary and secondary schools, both public and private, as well as UNE and our Third Age program.

5. Proximity and distance. We live on a hobby farm 7 km from town. It’s an easy drive into town and is on a bus route. This means no more 3/4 to 1 hour peak hour traffic each way. It’s time saving and fuel saving!

6. Climate. I love the seasons in Armidale, from the big winters with big frosts and sunny days to our cooler summer nights. I like not having water restrictions, and all the fantastic gardens and parks that flourish in Armidale. 

7. Business opportunities. I started from scratch with one staff member, and now our business in 28 years has grown to 13 people on staff. Our business could not have reached the position it has without the support of our wonderful staff, both past and present, and our great customers. I have been encouraged by so many people in the business, medical and general communities.

8. Most importantly, the people. I am not an entrepreneur. Armidale has given me the opportunity to establish the professional pharmacy that I always wanted. The wonderful people who went out of their way to make me feel welcome were amazing. Armidale’s greatest asset, I believe, is the people, whether they be from town or rural, academics or students. 

I was lucky enough to team up with my wife Jane about 9 years ago. Jane is an Armidale girl who left and came back to town (thankfully). Jane and I intend to live in Armidale after retiring (one day). Our friends are here, we enjoy Armidale, we love our little farm, and we love it when the kids come back home. 

As much as we enjoy getting to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, all of which are within travelling distances, we do enjoy coming home to Armidale. The beach is just 2 1/2 hours east, which is nothing when I remember taking 2 hours each way in Sydney to get to the beach. 

So my answer to the question is simple.

“Why would you live anywhere else?”

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