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Planning a party or wedding, but you’re a long way from town, or accommodation options are limited? Pip Taylor and Rose Doodson have the solution! The enterprising pair operate Glamping New England … they’re able to offer luxurious accommodation that travels to YOU! 

How did the concept behind Glamping New England originate?

I (Rose) was getting married on my property in Kentucky back in February 2018 and I wanted my guests to be able to stay onsite, as many people were travelling long distances. I called around and couldn’t get anyone to set up for a reasonable price (clearly there was something lacking in the region!) so, I decided to buy my own tents. I had five tents, all kitted out glamping style.

Feeling quite under the weather on the morning after the wedding and wondering what I was going to do with these tents, I asked my good friend and neighbour, Pip, if she wanted to start a business setting up tents. And, Glamping New England was born! Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!

The business has come a long way since the start of the year! We started with the first five tents, and that quickly turned into 10 tents, then 20 tents. We’ve upgraded the decor from our original five tents and we explored different furnishing options – not only do things need to look fantastic, but they need to be able to be easily transported and not break! 

We’ve imported floor rugs that fit the entire floor of the tent, which helps to keep it warm on those colder nights (a must with the New England weather!) and makes the tent look absolutely fantastic. We also use super comfortable mattresses, not blow up mattresses, which always seem to go down and can be very cold. To make sure our glampers stay warm, we also use winter weight wool or goose down doonas. Our set up really is luxury in the outdoors.

Describe the accommodation options you offer – what’s included?

We have 20 canvas bell tents that we can bring and set up pretty much wherever you want us to set up – in your paddock, in your garden, or even in your backyard in town. The tents are super spacious, and accommodation is usually an individually styled queen suite tent. 

Each tent has different decor and comes with super comfortable queen bed, all bed linen, wool or goose down doonas, pillows, cushions, throws, bedside tables and a battery powered LED vintage hurricane lantern. We can also put extra single beds in the tents for families.

There’s a variety of other things we can also set up with our tents. We can set the tent up with five single beds for the best slumber party ever – the tent is decorated kid style, and we also provide a few board games and puzzles. We can also set up the tent as a space for kids’ parties or a space for kids to hang out in at weddings.

The tents are such a beautiful space to be in, so we’ve also set the tent up as a social space for adults – cushions and low tables all around. It’s such a nice space to spend the night with great company, delicious cheeses and good wine!

How far and wide do you travel to provide glamping accommodation?

We travel fairly far and wide – we’ve been from Tenterfield to Spring Ridge. We don’t tend to do any set ups that require us to stay overnight. Both Pip and I have young children, so we limit ourselves to about 3 – 3.5 hours’ drive from Kentucky. Hopefully in the future we can offer our services further afield.

Typically, what types of people use your service?

Our main clients are people having weddings or parties on their own properties, and they are a bit of drive from any accommodation. If a bus back to town is organised, the party pretty much stops when the bus arrives! With Glamping New England’s pop up accommodation, no one is tempted to drive home; the party can keep going as long as people can keep dancing, and your guests are staying in luxury!

We have selected some of our favourite locations and you can book a stay on our website. This includes some pretty spectacular spots in the region’s national parks.

What do you love most about running your business?

We love getting out to some amazing places throughout the region. There are some really beautiful properties that we get to see. We also love being involved with people’s big life celebrations.

Another thing we love is being able to work around our young families. We often have our kids on site “helping” with our set ups. When we aren’t onsite, we can also work from home, which gives us time to spend with our kids as well.

What promotions/special offers do you have coming up over the next few months (if any)?

We have just finished a tent giveaway to celebrate our new website.

 We will soon launch a promotion at Lake Keepit for the Australia Day weekend. We are offering 50% off our gorgeous tents for the weekend at Lake Keepit. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more details.

What are your plans for Glamping New England moving into 2019 and beyond?

We are hoping to grow and develop our business further. We have only been in operation since March this year, so we still have a lot to learn about running a successful business. We hope to develop Glamping New England so we can get people from outside the region staying in some of the beautiful locations our region has to offer or coming to some of our great festivals and events.

Where can we find out more info/contact you?

All our contact details are on our website: on our Facebook or Instagram, or you can call us on 0427 442 533.

Thanks Rose and Pip.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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