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As National Broadband Network (NBN) is being rolled out accross Armidale, local user Seren Trump encourages our readers to get connected. 





How long have you lived in Armidale?

I moved to Armidale 20 years ago from a very small town in western Victoria. The town I came from had the same population as my new school in Armidale, Duval High School, so it was a very interesting experience moving to what I considered to be ‘the big smoke’.

The teachers were all very supportive, and I had access to so many extracurricular activities. During my time at Duval, I sang in a choir at the Opera House twice, saw Shakespeare performances and participated in many writing workshops with famous authors. The educational opportunities available in Armidale are fantastic; I’m so lucky to have moved here and continued my education at Duval.

What is your history in media and marketing?

I’m constantly surprised by the opportunities Armidale has presented me with. In the early 2000s, I went to the University of New England and during that time became Assistant Editor and Editor of Neucleus, the now defunct student newspaper. Working at Neucleus was an amazing experience; I learnt how to sell, write, lay out and co-ordinate an entire publication. While I was there, I worked casually at the Armidale Express, typesetting, web management and basic graphic design. After leaving Neucleus, I began working at the Armidale Independent in 2005. For the first six months I did everything: selling, sport writing, rural reporting, photography, page layout – the lot.

Tell us about your business?

In 2009, after the birth of my second child, I started Trump Media, providing communications and design advice to clients. Along with Trump Media, for the past year I have taken on a role with Evans Publishing as Group Editor of their six newspapers. I’m constantly communicating with our site editors and photojournalists via email, downloading contributions and sending articles and photos in to head office. I’ve had a few times when I went through my 200GB limit on my NBN trial, and I can tell you it is incredibly painful having to go back to normal speeds!

How and why did you become one of the first businesses to use NBN?

My name was put forward by Council as someone who lived in the NBN trial area, who also ran a business from home. They then gave my name to my internet service provider and in April last year, I was hooked up. I was one of the first seven people on the Australian mainland to have the NBN.

I can really see the benefits for regional and rural Australia in having the NBN. So often we hear about the need to move the population off the eastern seaboard in order to be sustainable, yet distance has played such a negative role for businesses in the regional areas. With the NBN, rural businesses can be truly competitive, providing expertise and services at the same speed, if not quicker, than in the city or coastal areas.

How has your business improved since hooking up to NBN?

I can do things so much faster! But more than that, I can do things all at once. When I’m using normal ADSL internet, if I’m downloading photos or articles, that’s all I’m doing. With the NBN not only is it 100 times quicker, I can also continue on with other work, without it affecting my speed.

When I originally started trying to synchronise my files with a cloud network on ADSL, it was going to take me 44 days. With NBN, it took about 12 hours to get all my data uploaded. Things that take me two hours to download with ADSL, take 15 minutes with the NBN.

We see you in a lot of NBN advertisements. How did this come about?

Through the trial, I am often asked to take part in case studies, advertising campaigns and promotional material. Since the NBN is something I feel passionately about, I am very happy to tell everyone how much I like it. Also, my kids really know how to work a camera!

What is your advice to businesses that are not yet connected to NBN?

Do what you can to get connected! The NBN can really change how you work and how quickly you get things done. The NBN is going to give Armidale an edge, I think. Just hearing about the technologies being put into play in Armidale – at the local TAFE and at the university; there are just so many applications in education, health and then small business and file delivery.

This is just the start; there is so much more we can do with the infrastructure that’s here now.

Thanks Seren.

This story was published in issue 63 of the New England Focus

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