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Kayla and Graham have just returned from a trip to Fraser Island, and while there, they got engaged. We hear more about their fantastic holiday and just how Graz popped the big question.




Graham, how did you first meet?

Kayla and I grew up in the same town and have known each other since we were kids. We have always been a part of each other’s lives and developed a good friendship. After I had an accident, we grew closer together and developed a strong bond. We have a great relationship, and our friendship has grown and grown. Sounds silly, but we actually are in love with our best friend!

Did you pre plan to propose at Fraser Island?

I had the ring packed and ready to go and was always going to propose while on holidays. With Kayla’s birthday falling on our holiday as well, there seemed to be plenty of opportunities for me to ask the big question. Once we got to Fraser, I knew it was the perfect place and did not want to wait until her birthday. The beach is a pretty romantic place to propose, so I jumped at the chance.

Kayla, describe the proposal.

In one word – amazing! It was our last day on Fraser, and I wasn’t feeling the best. Graz was on to me all day to be happy and upbeat for our last day on Fraser! After an awesome day exploring and a late afternoon fish, we went back to the resort for dinner. Still not feeling great, I was ready for the couch! Graz, however, was insistent on a walk along the beach for our last night at Fraser. I was starting to think, “Aww back off, I am sick!” Ha ha … very glad I got up and went for our walk, as Graz had the ring, torches and the writing in the sand ready to go!

Why did you choose Fraser Island for your holiday?

Graham and I have family in Hervey Bay and Bundaberg and were going on a family trip. We had heard great things about Fraser and decided we were not going all that way without making it a part of our holiday. We ensured that we had a good week there to explore all of the wonderful things on offer.

What was the most enjoyable thing about your time @ Eurong Beach Resort? Getting engaged was definitely a highlight. We must say though, everything at Eurong was great and such a new experience. Fraser Island and Eurong Beach Resort is exactly what we were looking for in a holiday. We wanted to relax, enjoy the beach, whether it be for a swim or a cruise in the ute. We love four wheel driving and exploring the Island and fishing. Basically, the day’s itinerary consisted of exploring the island through the day before packing the esky to head down to the beach for a late afternoon fish and a drink. To us, you don’t get much better than that.

Would you recommend Eurong Beach Resort on Fraser, and why?

For sure. We loved everything about our stay … from the helpful and friendly service to the beautiful surroundings. Some of the highlights for us were the 4WD experiences, including the drive to Lake Mackenzie, a trip over to Kingfisher Bay Resort and to Maheno shipwreck and Eli Creek. Eurong Beach Resort is home to a beautiful pool and restaurant, as well as a beach bar, convenience store and spacious and fully self contained rooms. We loved everything about our stay at Eurong – will definitely recommend to family and friends.


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