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Just recently F45 Training Armidale celebrated their first birthday. Now with over 170 members, they’ve hosted over 1,500 classes, and witnessed more than that in kilos lost. We sit down to find out more about Armidale’s growing fitness cult. 

So, who are you guys?

We moved down from the Gold Coast just over 12 months ago to open F45 Training Armidale and Oomph Osteopathy. With both of us under 30, opening two businesses at the same time was a daunting task, but since opening we’ve been overwhelmed by the response of the Armidale community. Our team has grown from just the two of us for the first six months, to a team of eight. Each of our qualified trainers were (and still are) our dedicated F45 members before they became trainers, which is exactly how I got into personal training five years ago. We all practice what we preach and will happily sweat it out alongside our members on the daily. 

Our Team

We’re all about making fitness and exercise an enjoyable a part of the day to day life, not something that people dread. And, it has been a big 12 months! And now being seven months pregnant, I’ll be stepping back from the instructing front for a few months, but we have spent the better half of six months training and creating a diverse and killer team whom we love and know will definitely keep our members on their toes while I watch from a distance. 

Lauren Boundy is everyone’s go to girl, Drew and I included, and since starting with us has completed her Cert III in Fitness. She will step in as Studio Manager when I step back, whilst completing her Certificate IV in Fitness traineeship. 

Sam Lomax has also recently come on board, completing his Certificate III traineeship; he’s our muscle man, who makes 30 kg dumbbells look small. 

Emma Cooper is our tradie chick, who builds houses all day and muscles all night. She has years of experience in group fitness, so prepare to get “Cooped” every time you land yourself in a class with her. 

Jess Langhorn is a sport and exercise science student at UNE, but don’t let her friendly, bubbly nature fool you; she’s a hard task master with a seriously loud voice. 

We also have Melissa Killen, who has come from a dance/choreography teaching background to complete her Cert III in Fitness; with an eye for technique, she dances from station to station, making sure everyone is performing their best.

And finally, Josh Cohen, who shares his love for F45 with his Head of Sport role at NEGS. 

What is F45 Training? And how is it different to a normal gym?

The concept is simple. A 45 minute High-Intensity, Circuit Training workout class. There are over 30 different 45 minute workouts, with new ones arriving all the time. We offer the same class at different times throughout the day. 

Every day throughout the week offers a different 45 minute workout. We alternate between cardio and resistance based classes, with our favourite Hollywood class on a Saturday. The workouts are created by the F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department from a database of over 3,000 different exercises, so our members never do the same workout twice.

The rapid growth of F45 Training throughout the world is an indication that there’s demand in the market for this unique fitness model. F45 has filled the gap in the fitness space left by traditional gyms – where people pay a small membership fee to work out on their own – and high-cost personal training sessions. This is our key point of difference. When you enter an F45 studio, you get instant access to a dynamic and supportive team environment, led by qualified instructors who motivate and challenge members in each session. 

Can everyone do F45?

YES! We cannot stress this enough! We have all body shapes, sizes and fitness levels in our studio. We can progress and regress exercises for all capabilities and fitness levels. We work for timing, rather than for number of reps – so there is an emphasis on working to your ability with correct form, rather than targeting a number of reps for a specific time.

Over the past 12 months we have developed a real culture and lifestyle shift within our member base. Call us a cult if you like, but our members are committed, they prioritise exercise, and actually enjoy getting up and coming in before the sun to smash their session with fellow members. We can think of worse things to be addicted to. We call ourselves a big family, because that’s what we are – a big sweaty one, supporting each other daily through not just workouts, but Eight Week Challenges and day to day life. 

What is the F45 Challenge? 

We run four F45 Challenges a year, and it is designed to give you life changing results in an innovative environment that is insanely motivating. We treat it as a kickstart of your changing lifestyle. It is incorporating a specifically designed meal plan to your F45 Workout life. We want to help you shred body fat over eight weeks and have you in the best shape of your life, feeling amazing inside and out. This means focusing on losing fat, not weight! We do this by conducting Inbody Body Composition Analysis Scans before, during and after, which give us a full scope on body fat and muscle mass distribution. 

Any top training tips?

Stop thinking about fitness as a regime; make it a way of life. That’s the concept we are trying to incorporate in our studio. The online nutrition, motivation and training with friends – it’s a beautiful culture. Then, fitness isn’t a chore! It’s the same with what you eat. What we encourage is not to make it a “diet”; just learn to make healthy eating how you live – encouraging the mentality that you can still be a normal person, but make healthier decisions, saying to yourself, “This is what I eat and achieve every day, and this is what makes me feel good”.

How do I get involved?

Get in contact now! 

Our next Eight Week Challenge starts April 29th – are you ready to make the best decision of 2019?

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Thanks guys.

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