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Dr Caswell has been offering her cosmetic services in Armidale for 5 years.






A new era of development will see Dr Caswell and Dr Vermeulen offer full skin diagnosis, remediation, repair and maintenance services in their purpose built clinic, which opened in April 2011. We recently spoke with Dr Caswell.

Dr Caswell, what causes skin cancer, and why are they so prevalent in Australia?

Skin cancers are the great chameleons, and in Australia, we experience the highest rate in the world. Most people are very well educated about melonatic (melanoma) skin cancers, but do not realise the variety of non-melanoma skin cancers and their treatment options.

The predominant northern hemisphere genetic background, and our love of outdoor life, along with incidental sun exposure leads, in most cases, to their development. New and novel theories implicate diet, total health status and viruses also contributing to the development of skin cancers.

Is our understanding of skin health contributing to the management of skin cancers?

Skin physiology is a complex subject, but practitioners in the field of cosmetic and skin cancer medicine are realising that the total health of the skin is more important than previously thought.

For example, we use the depth of wrinkles to grade the level of sun-damage. Researchers are beginning to understand the concepts of sun-damage, localised skin immuno-suppression, the role of anti-oxidants and the link with skin cancer development.

It stands to reason that the healthier an individual is, the more capable their body is at healing. At Eyra, we utilise our medical knowledge and physiological understanding of the skin to provoke a patient’s innate skin repair processes.

What type of clinic are you developing?

Eyra Medical and Skin Clinic, Moree, provides a range of services that we have not been able to offer in the Medi-Spa environment. We will be able to offer skin checks, excisions, and the latest skin cancer treatment technologies, along with our traditional laser devices (vascular, resurfacing, epidermal turnover). From a medical perspective, it is important to ‘look before you laser’ and consult an appropriately trained medical practitioner before undergoing any light device service.

Both Dr Vermeulen and I have additional medical qualifications in the area of skin cancer and dermatology.


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