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We ask Dee Lawson & Amiee Shaw, faces of Chique Hair Face Body and Revolution By LUXE, about what it’s like to play a huge part in the making of something so special for the brides of the New-England and North west….

Describe the creative process…
We start with the initial concept, which may be a theme, a colour, a fabric, texture and the gown design. After a lot of trial and error, we decide on the particular style. The style is then tailored to suit that particular bride.

Ladies, if you could give one piece of advice to upcoming brides, what would it be?
A bride’s hair and makeup selection will become part of a cherished memory, and will be featured in photographs and stories that transcend time. The ability to be open to new ideas and options can give a bride space to explore and actually find a style at the end of her journey. Balancing the desire for on-trend details as well as classic designs is the most difficult part of a bride’s journey. When the balance is right, the bride feels it – shows it on her face and with her body language – and it is at that moment, the dream style has been found.

Amiee: how long have you been doing makeup professionally? How did you get started?
I did my very first wedding in 2012 alongside my mum. It was so much fun, and I definitely got the bridal bug!
I got started years before that, and purely for the love of it. The big secret is I’m actually kind of a wedding nut and wish I could have my day all over again! (To the same man … love you, Mitch!) I love creating something new, and I want my brides to feel like one of a kind and without a doubt the most beautiful they have ever felt. When I started doing makeup, I quickly realised how much fun it was to exercise control over one’s appearance, confidence, and personal style. It’s amazing what a difference the little things can make!
I was hooked. I started out doing makeup on myself and friends, and spent years taking lots of close-up photos so I could see exactly how my work translated on camera (I’m a perfectionist that way) – pretty soon I was doing makeup on everyone who would sit still long enough. From there, I began studying and getting as much training as I could while building my portfolio, which eventually lead to the creation of my very own business, Revolution By LUXE (launched in 2012).
And the learning never stops … I regularly attend professional trainings and workshops, work with other artists in the field, and take on new challenges to keep my skills sharp. It’s safe to say that my efforts have snowballed into an amazing and enriching career!
Since then, I’ve worked on countless weddings, as well as advertisements, catalogues, commercials, headshots, events, performances, fashion editorials. My work has been published in local and national magazines (both online and in print), featured in commercial campaigns, and I’ve even had the opportunity to work with a couple of celebrities. My specialty is clean, feature-enhancing, camera-ready makeup for women and men of all ages and complexions.

What do you love most about doing bridal hair and makeup alongside each other?
I love the effect makeup can have on a person’s overall style and attitude, and we strive to enhance both with our work. We relish working with colour and texture and finding ways to enhance the face in front of us.

What sets you apart from other bridal makeup artists and hair stylists?
Our focus is hair and makeup for high-definition photography and most importantly, WEDDINGS! We bring an editorial eye to every wedding that we do, and we don’t fall back on a cookie-cutter look that doesn’t suit the face (or the personality) that we’re working with. We work very collaboratively with clients to help them look their best from every angle and in every medium.
Another thing that sets us apart is that our services are fully mobile – we come to you with our kit, comfy director’s chair (to make you feel like the V.I.P. you are), and even a table and lighting if needed. You don’t have to worry about providing a perfect studio set-up for us, and you don’t have to take time out of an already stressful day to go to the salon to have your hair and makeup done. Just sit back at your home, hotel room or wherever, relax and enjoy a mimosa while we work our magic!

Whom do you work best with?
We’ve been so fortunate to have the clients we’ve had! The brides (and grooms!) that we work with have unique personal styles and share their ideas with us so we can craft the wedding look of their dreams. Lots of our brides are really creative – we’ve seen them tackle so many cool projects during their wedding planning, and it’s really inspiring to see what they come up with. Some of our clients are everyday makeup wearers and some hardly wear any at all, but they all have a few things in common:
• They want to make the most of their investment in photography and videography
• They want to look like the best version of themselves – not like they’re wearing a mask
• They want to actually enjoy their wedding day, without having to worry about their hair and makeup!
So brides of New England, be prepared to be pampered with Chique and Revolution’s exclusive ranges of Daviness hair care products and colour range, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Lash Be Long individual lash extensions, Vu tan spay tanning and the ever so beautiful Bioline Jato skincare range to make you feel and look sensational for your big day.

Thank you ladies.

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