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Dear crafties, Every now and then a beer comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it’ll bring a big grin to your face.

We’d love to introduce to you a standout brewery of last year that has not only managed to produce one but three of these magnificent brews. Pirate Life Brewing came on the scene in early 2015 and sent shockwaves through the craft beer industry with their small but seriously tasty core range of beer, each that holds their own in their respective styles: Pale Ale, Throwback Session IPA (midstrength) and massive Double IPA at 8.8% ABV. The Pirate Life Double IPA is the standout – big in malty buiscuity goodness, balanced to perfection with a truck load of hops.

A beer like this doesn’t just happen by mistake; it takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect. Coming from a background of quality craft brewing at Brewdog in Scotland, the two brothers and father set up their brewery in Hindmarsh, Adelaide in late 2014 and released their first brews in early 2015. Testament to the beer quality and huge popularity, three core beers scored highly in the Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2015. The brewers have certainly nailed it, and we aren’t the only ones who think so. The Double IPA finished 3rd in the Hottest 100, which is astonishing considering the percentage of the beer and the fact that the two beers that beat it are well and truly established brands with huge marketing power and customer base. Their win is also a strong indicator that consumer taste buds are on the move.

Their other two core range beers are far from slouchers, with the Pale Ale being rated 98 out of 100 on and the ThrowBack scoring a very tidy 84 and finishing 4th and 11th respectively in the Hottest 100. If there is a better midstrength in the country than the Throwback, be sure to let us know.

We had the core range on tap late last year, and the Throwback IPA was devoured in one single hit on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Pirate Life also package their beer in the good old tinnie – which is a growing trend in craft brewing, as it keeps beer fresher, removes any chance of light-strike (UV-light damaging the beer), better for transport cost etc. – and they cool down quicker in the chilly bin.

Not only has the product proven to be popular around Australia, the monumental rise of Pirate Life is testament to the growth of the domestic craft beer industry. Even with a fairly decent size brewery, there can be long waiting periods to secure their beer.

We’re always on the scout for the next best on show, but until then be sure to treat your inner pirate next time you see the real liquid gold pouring!

Drink less; taste more!

Dan Emery and Tom Croft,
The Welder’s Dog

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