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Alternate rock band Dead Letter Circus is heading for the Stro after touring the USA. Guitarist Rob Maric highlights the contentious issue of coal seam gas in their No Fracking Way Tour, to help raise public awareness of this global issue.Tell us a little about what you guys are doing at the moment.

We’re currently travelling the United States, playing shows all the way from the West Coast to the East Coast and then all the way  back. Twenty-nine shows in 30 days … average drive time of 7 hours a day. Intense!

What can we expect when you play in Armidale at the Stro?

We left Australia as boys; we shall return as men. Expect beards. Thick beards.

We aren’t very political. We’re just Australians who have become aware of this issue. We would feel like total pricks if we didn’t use our band to at least help spread some awareness. This is one topic every day Australians can look into and be shocked by. It’s potentially the worst thing that could happen to this country. If somebody came to your house and wanted to destroy your water supply and make your family sick, does it make you political if you get angry and tell them you won’t stand for it? The United States has been raped by this industry and left so many people suffering. Let’s not let them do that here. We need to lose words like ‘political’ and ‘activist’ and just see it as people protecting their lives against faceless greed.

How close to your hearts is this?

Very close. It affects all of us. If it continues as is, those who don’t want to know about it will one day be wondering why they didn’t get involved. Here’s your chance to go back in time. Go research the topic a little bit. Jump in the DeLorean. If you check it out and you don’t care about it, that is totally fine. If you dismiss it without giving it a little bit of your time first, then you’ve been a victim of cultural programming designed to make us ignorant and powerless.

What do you hope the awareness you raise will lead you to?

Every day people joining forces to let the Government know what we won’t stand for. We are tricked into thinking we have no power. The twist is we have all the power; we just need to voice our opinion collectively. It can be as easy as signing a petition on Facebook.

Is it important for musicians these days to be aware of global issues ?

It’s important to everyone. The planet is descending into complete self destruction. Musicians have a fortunate position of influence, so it’s a good opportunity to just say to a large amount of people, “Hey, check out this topic”. I respect artists more than politicians or ego driven media personalities, so when they speak, I tend to listen.

Music-wise, what do you hope to share with the people of Armidale?

A sick rock show!

Are you living the crazy life of a travelling band?

Mildly crazy. But it’s very exhausting. We just jumped in the van at 6am for a 10-hour drive to Kansas for a show tonight. This same process happens every day for the next 3 weeks.

Does what happens on tour stay on tour, or can you share some secrets?

We bought some BB guns at a service station. We’ve been taking turns shooting each other. They hurt! Kim shot Tom in the head, and we all decided it might be time to put the guns away for a bit.

Anything further you want to say to your fans?

We can’t wait to get home! We are homesick. I’ve never eaten a ‘shrimp’ on a ‘barbie’, but I think it needs to happen when we get home. Can anyone out there make that happen?

Thanks Rob.

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