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We catch up for a chat with Daniel Labrosse from Gallery Café @ New England Regional Art Museum

>How would you describe your cooking style and the cuisine you serve?

A touch of French. I’m very passionate about cooking. I like a dash of this and that, never excessive. I love to serve food where people eat everything. My salads are not just about onions and raw capsicums.

> Do you source local produce for your menu creations?

I serve my own home-made jam with berries from our farm at Arding. I use the berries, boysenberries and blackberries for the scones we serve and in the pancake sauce we serve. I still have tomatoes from the garden and we get farm fresh eggs from a local young chicken farmer, Daniel Reynolds. Our wines come from Uralla and the organic wine we serve comes from Armidale.

> Your all time favourite dish?

It would have to be “fillet au poivre”– pepper steak.

> What do you like most about NERAM?

The serenity and atmosphere that attracts kids, youngsters, ladies and families, who come to enjoy the food and coffee and wine. People do not rush in our café and neither do they rush us. Everything is calm.

> What’s on the menu?

At the Gallery Café we offer full table service in our day-time licensed restaurant.

We are very proud to offer beautiful, fully home cooked meals at very affordable prices.

For example:

Homemade Scones with homemade berry jam, butter and cream with coffee – $5.50.

French crepes with blackberries from the farm for $9.

Gourmet assorted sandwiches from $7.50.

Soups served with bread roll – $6.50.

Taggateilla Carbonara – $11.

Assorted Quiches – $12.

A wide range of coffee, teas and juices –not to mention our wine selection. Plus much more!

> Have you worked overseas?

Yes, in Dusseldorf, Germany. I was the “chef de partie” in a brasserie – an all rounder chef who would work in different sections of cooking. One-day veggies, the next day, sauces, and then pastry and so on.

 > What is your favourite activity?

Building and woodwork. I love renovating old houses too.

> Where did you begin your apprenticeship?

In Beaujolais … yes, like the best French wine. I started as an apprentice butcher for 3 years. Butchery is my trade, but I have been cooking for 40 years. When I was in the army, I had the opportunity to go to “Ecole de cuisine”– school of cooking in Paris, all expenses paid for by the army.

> What does the future hold for you?

With my family, continuous good health.

With the café, a truly big success, as it will be my last venture and I want to go out with a bang. I would like to turn the café into a little restaurant in the near future and eventually a little corner of France.

> Thank you Daniel.

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