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Jayne Denham, one of Australia’s most loved Country Stars, is kicking off on a tour of our great land with “NED”, a custom show truck, putting the trucking industry and her music in the limelight. This month Jayne caught up with FOCUS …


Hi Jayne. When and did you first discover Country music?

I grew up on Country music, and then when I was in high school I decided to join a band and did Rock music for the next sort of chunk of my life. And then I started to write some songs and listen to Country music again … Another 10 years later, and I was really into what Modern Country was all about and mixed the two, I guess. That’s how I ended coming up with my own style of Country Rock.

You’ve really made your mark in the Australian Country music scene; your album, Renegade, has been a great success. Any plans to record a new album?

Yeah, I’d like to record a new album next year. I’ve actually just released a brand new EP, as a digital download. Renegade is a few years old now, but I decided that there were some tracks I didn’t put on the record that would be fun to jump into the studio with and do a little digital EP for the fans – to give them a few more songs while I’m working on the new album.

So, that’s just come out; it’s digital download only, and it’s five extra songs that didn’t make the record, but also we wrote some new ones as well. It was a lot of fun to get the wheels back on the track, as they say. The EP is called Renegade 2, Rocking with Ned, which is the truck that features on the cover.




How do you find your inspiration when it comes to writing new music?

I don’t tend to write songs about myself. I love writing about other people – people I meet and people I want to cheer on.

When I started, one of the first songs I ever wrote was called Chick Ute, which we released nine years ago. I had no idea at the time how massive the ute culture was back then; it went crazy, and that’s what kicked off my career. And it was just that I observed girls driving utes and thought it was really cool.

It’s the same with the whole truck angle as well. I just wrote a song about a girl with truck who lives in Tamworth that I’d heard about – I haven’t even met her, and I just thought what a great idea for a song! So I wrote the song, and then the whole trucking industry was just so rapt. They liked the song and we did a video clip, and  it put me out there as a girl who was singing songs about trucks. It basically planted me to go in that direction; it’s been great – it’s been quite a ride.

What can we expect from your vibe on stage?

Well, I’m definitely known for my high energy Country Rock show, and live is my favourite place to be. For anyone who’s seen me live, they’ll know I don’t stand still for very long and as I’ve said, I’ve grown up doing Rock music for a season of my life. I give a performance that’s a little bit different; I don’t just stand there with a guitar, and I’m very specific about my show. I have my own band, and we’re very rehearsed. It’s an entertaining show from start to finish, and it’s going to be exciting with my new sponsor, the Ned Kelly Truck – ScuzzTrans Container Transport is bringing “Ned” the Western Star Truck, which is one of the most awarded show trucks in Australia, and it comes to all my shows! It’s going to be parked out the front, and people can win a ride in the truck. So you know, my style of show is a little bit different to everyone else. Being sponsored by that company is a privilege; it’s really fun for the fans. Not everyone is necessarily into trucks, but when people see this truck, everyone goes, “Oh wow, we didn’t realise how cool it was!” It’s kind of a nice way of showing people something different, and it literally gets invited to truck shows all over Australia. I’m privileged that I get to bring the truck, and I’m looking forward to heading out your way.

Thanks Jayne.



Catch Jayne Denham and the Ned Kelly Truck at Armidale SerVies, Friday 13th November 2015.

$25 Adults & $15 for Under 15

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