Connie & Drew Twyford

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FOCUS chats to Connie and Drew Twyford, the busiest power couple in Armidale.

What brought you to Armidale?

D: I’ve never lived anywhere but the Gold Coast; however, Connie grew up in the New England area and over the years we’ve become quite familiar with the people, the community and the culture. We were looking for an opportunity to challenge us and both be our own bosses, and it just happened that Armidale ticked all of those boxes. We knew that the F45 model would work, because we’ve both had over three years’ worth of exposure to the model, and Connie has worked in a few different studios on the Gold Coast, so was always comfortable in knowing how to run her own show. 

But, finding out that there are no Osteopaths in the New England region – we were sold. There was a whole community out there that needed to find out how good Osteopathy is. The community has welcomed us with open arms and have ever since we first started investigating the idea, so knowing that we’d get the support of the community had us sold before we signed the dotted line. 

What does the average day look like for people running two businesses side by side?

C: 4:15am alarm – snooze ‘til 4:25am (very necessary) and then quick shower and sneak out of the house, so we don’t wake up housemates or dogs. Gym opens at 5am, classes run at 5:15am, 6am, and 6:45am, followed by breakfast and much needed coffee. Midmorning class is at 9am. We pass through the double doors and conduct a quick wardrobe change, because the Osteopathy Clinic opens at 10am. Drew treats all day until 4:30pm, while I do his reception, paperwork and follow up for both the gym and clinic. Wardrobe change number two, into our gym gear, pass through the double doors and open the F45 at 4:45pm, for our 5pm and 5:45pm classes. We generally squeeze our own session in there somewhere. And once they are done, we clean the gym, set up for the next day’s class and hopefully get home, have dinner and be in bed by 9pm, before it starts over again the next day!

So, Connie, tell us more about F45 Training. When did F45 open here in Armidale?

We opened the doors in the last week of February, so almost eight very busy weeks! But we are loving it! 

What’s different about F45?

It’s for everyone, literally. Everything we do can be adjusted up or down to suit every individual, regardless of the fitness level of the person who walks in the door. We are not just a gym for fit people – we are a gym for every body type, age, gender and fitness level. 

Our technology is by far the best in the business; it doesn’t matter what F45 Studio in the world you walk into today – you’d do the same workout! Every workout has been created by a team of exercise scientists and tested in over 10 different studios, before it arrives on our schedule. We also have heart rate monitors available in studio that show live updates while you train, so for those looking to take their training to the next level, they have the opportunity to kick it up a gear.

What is the best way for people to get involved?

There are heaps of different ways to be involved … We offer all Armidale and surrounds residents their first seven days free, so everyone is welcome to come in and try for their first seven days!

Want to chat? Reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you! Contact us on either social platforms of Facebook or Instagram, or email us at

Just want to get it done? Download the F45 Training App (available for both Apple and Android) and select Armidale as your studio – you can see our entire schedule, as well as book into your classes from there!

Tell us more about Osteopathy, Drew.

Osteopathy is a form of “manual medicine”. We focus on treating musculoskeletal and neuro-musculoskeltal issues with non-surgical and drug-free approaches and therapies. Osteopathy is a small profession, with just over 2,000 registered professionals in Australia – compared to Chiropractors, where there are over twice that number, and Physiotherapists, where there is in the vicinity of 40,000 in Australia. 

An Osteopath’s care is different; there is a lot of significance on understanding the psychological aspects of an ongoing injury – as well as the biological aspects. Osteopaths are mostly interested in really searching for and understanding the cause of the issue – and where possible to pin it down, and will do this as much as possible. For example, this often means we will be looking at your pelvis with a knee complaint, or your neck and your workstation with a recurring back problem. This means we often pick up on things that might be missed by other approaches. 

When would someone find themselves needing to visit your practice?

Osteopaths treat all kinds of joint or muscular pain and more. We take a holistic approach to your treatment by reviewing your direct problem area, as well as assessing your whole body and lifestyle, including your diet, type of work and sporting activities. This helps us to understand the cause of your problem and assist with immediate and long-term relief, preventative solutions, and pain management skills.

Osteopaths can offer assistance for people who seek relief from pain, be it recent (acute pain) or recurring (chronic pain). Two of the most common conditions patients seek comfort from, are back pain and neck pain. Most adults, due to various sedentary postures like prolonged sitting, experience stiffness of the spine resulting in aches and unpredictable spasms. The goal of the osteopath is to reduce the tension in the muscles and ligaments of the spine to bring back its mobility, thus making your neck and back ease up from the stiffness – with one of the objectives of osteopathic treatments to maintain your functional lifestyle – if necessary and when applicable – to keep you from experiencing debilitating body aches.

What are your future plans with your practice here in Armidale?

I would love to see myself or my clinic be able to spread and reach more areas of the New England. This may mean increasing my team, and finding new spaces. Being the only Osteopath in the New England, we are very excited to see how Osteopathy will grow and where the business will be taken, especially as we become a part of the New England’s general health regime.

Thanks guys.

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