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Focus’ very own Clairvoyant Terri Hall will be visiting Uralla in May, bringing along  a team of gifted Clairvoyants and Healers to the people of New England …

When did you first discover you had psychic abilities?

My ability to see spirit was evident from the time I was able to talk. Like a lot of children, I was able to see and communicate with my spiritual friend and blessed with my parents, who encouraged – not criticised – my ability. I was brought up with this being a normal part of life.

The word “psychic” covers a lot of territory … how would you describe your skills? Are you clairvoyant, clairsentient, or empathic?

The skills I use most would be clairsentience, the ability to feel what has been is and yet to come.

My clairvoyance is to see things clearly and just “know” things, as well as clairaudience, which is hearing spirit.

I have learnt how not to be too empathic, or I couldn’t do what I do without feeling emotionally drained.

Every one of us lives our individual journey, which is perfect for our evolution, and at times life can be challenging. But, the fact that things happen mean they are perfect – because they happen. With this outlook, I am able to see how our challenges can lead to our growth, and this is cause for celebration.

I’ve often heard the term “Guides” or “Spirit Guides” mentioned in conjunction with psychic phenomena. Who, or what, are these?

As the name implies, Spirit Guides are beings who have not incarnated but choose to guide us from the spirit world. They can be past life connections or spiritual teachers.

Explain the process of giving a reading to someone; is it instant, or can you only do it when you are “in the zone”? Can you do readings for anyone?

Every clairvoyant is unique, so it’s a bit hard to speak for all readers, but I believe positive minded readers will empower their clients; however, negative minded readers can scare their clients.

The way I like to read for people is to concentrate on their strengths and work with their Spirit Guides, offering strategies to overcome their challenges. I believe readings should be a beautiful experience because loving Spirit Guides do not want to frighten us.

I have found if I’m not “in the zone”, I trust and do a reading, and within five minutes I’m “in the zone”.

I believe I can read for anyone, or my Spirit Guides would not bring them to me. How receptive people are can vary. I prefer to read for people who are open, compared to someone who consciously tries to hide everything, because I feel as if I’m being a sticky beak. I’m not comfortable with that scenario.

What’s the most surprising and also the most rewarding thing about your special gift?

I love seeing the miracle of how spirit heals my clients. Watching people transform from feeling helpless and hopeless to becoming empowered and hopeful, leaving with clear excitement and feeling in control of their life … this makes my heart sing.

Also, witnessing the power of love from departed loved ones helping grief-stricken relatives and friends, often with just the smallest message, is most rewarding.

How has having this gift impacted your own life?

I have learnt to embrace my challenges and not be a victim of circumstances.

Tell us about your expo visiting the area?

My expo comprises a team of gifted clairvoyants and healers wanting to bring their talents and light to communities that miss out on expos. For this reason, we will also be offering psychic development and healing workshops, educating people through free lectures as well. The expo will be held over four days, Thursday 19th – Sunday 21st May.

The venue is The Funk Lush Room at the rear of The Top Pub, Uralla.

What can people expect when they come along?

Hopefully, experience light and love, and perhaps find new friends or like-minded people they can keep contact with and develop their spiritual skills with.

How can our readers contact you?

Easily, on 0424 818 343.

As this is my first expo in Uralla, I would recommend booking to reserve your place.

Thanks Terri.

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