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Indie Rock band Children Collide are coming to the Stro. Vocalist Johnny Mackay drops us a line. 






So, you’re currently on the road. How’s the Monument Tour going? Everyone’s having loads of fun together. Dune Rats pretty much make the band room a comedy set, and Bad Dreems songs get more enjoyable every night.

How did you guys get together? We were all living together … well, the original lineup anyway. Lauren bought a drumkit, and the three of us just started coming home wasted and jamming – much to the despair of our neighbours.

Johnny, what singing gigs did you do as a young fella? The only thing I can think of is a couple of musicals. I was always told I couldn’t sing. I guess eventually I decided to try and defy that somehow.

Where does the term ‘Indie Rock’ come from? Independent’ and ‘Rock’, I guess. People making Rock music independently of large music companies.

Tell us about your third album Monument? Well, it’s definitely the one we are most proud of. A bunch of the songs felt like breakthroughs, both during the writing and the recording of them. It feels great to have opened up a bunch of extra musical paths for us to explore further in the future.

How are you going since the announcement of drummer Ryan leaving the band? We miss Ryan, but are having a great time touring with our new drummer, Mitch McGregor. He’s a legend and is fitting in really well.

When are you in Armidale, and what can we expect from your gig? We are playing at the STRO on 29 August. You can expect profuse sweating!

Where can our readers get tickets from? Tickets are now on sale at Campus Essential in the grounds of UNE. You can also get them at the door on the night, but it’s cheaper to purchase your tickets early.

This story was published in issue 64 of the New England Focus

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