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Caroline lived in the Sydney suburb of Glenwood until making the ultimate tree change to this area three years ago. She now lives happily in Uralla with her family and has just opened The Sweet Place.

When and why did you tree change to this area?

We decided in 2007 that we would move to Armidale to give our children a better lifestyle and a place for my husband and I to one day retire. We chose the country so they could learn about the other side of life. Armidale was the area we thought was best as far as education was concerned – the children attend Martins Gully Public School. We have been very pleased that the children have made the transition and have gained lots of new friends.

In May 2008 we moved to Uralla, where we purchased a lovely home and have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly country atmosphere

Tell us about your family?

My husband and I have two great kids, who have settled into our new lifestyle with absolutely no problems – we haven’t been happier. It’s lovely to see the children interact with our chooks, running in a backyard, see little lambs just born, watch the cows on the way to school, or see how much mud they bring home after visiting their friend’s farm. We feel very lucky to have wonderful new friends where we can enjoy their company, sit back, relax, have a BBQ and take in that country fresh air. We have certainly found the good life.

How did your new store come about?

The Sweet Place in Uralla has been something that my husband and I had thought about for some time, although it was never quite the right time or place until we happened to see this lovely little shop for lease. We had a look, and next thing I am the proud owner of The Sweet Place. The Sweet Place sells a variety of British Sweets, Fudge, Rock Candy and Chocolate Bars; we specialise in Settlers Bears, and have a good selection of readymade gift baskets, although I am happy to organise special gifts to suit the special person you would like to make happy.

I also do great little lolly bags for kids’ parties. We have gift certificates for those who would prefer to pick their own sweets. We also offer a delivery service to the home or office in Armidale and Uralla.

But The Sweet Place is not just about the sweets; it’s about bringing back wonderful childhood memories  or creating sweet memories for your children to take with them. The Sweet Place is about good old fashioned service, finding something special and leaving with a smile.

How did you become interested in ‘sweets’?

I was a kid once too. I always loved visiting lolly shops, wherever I travelled; they were always a fun place to be, lots of colour, always something new to look at or taste. They took me back to my childhood.

Mum always had lovely lollies hanging on the Christmas tree, which sparkled in the Christmas tree lights, and I would lay under the tree and imagine I was in heaven. Lollies, Christmas, and Teddy Bears take most people back to a wonderful place in their childhood, so The Sweet Place is all about bringing back the child in our very busy lives.

The benefits of opening your store in Uralla?

Uralla is a beautiful little town that has a lot to offer, with its cafés, museums, and specialty shops. The benefits of having a shop in Uralla is the passing trade and the surrounding towns, as Uralla is the only little town on the highway for miles.

People can stop and browse the wonderful selection of shops; they can relax, have lunch, a coffee and visit The Sweet Place, where they can take a walk down memory lane and leave with a smile. The weekends are fantastic, as we have a lot of people from Tamworth, Armidale, Walcha coming for lunch and visiting our little shop for a day out. We also have a number of people travelling to the coast calling in for a sweet to eat or a gift to take. Uralla is a great town for a unique little shop like The Sweet Place.

Do your children love the store?

They think it is heaven! Very patiently they were with us as we set up the shop; they have been a part of the shop from the very beginning, and because of the business they have taken a huge interest in the day to day running of the shop (you can imagine why!).

They thought the whole process of setting up the shop was pretty boring, until they saw the first pallet of lollies arrive! (You could imagine the delight on their faces!) There is a rule in the shop that they are only allowed one lolly a day (that mum knows about).

What are some sweet Christmas gift ideas?

The Sweet Place has gift baskets, gift certificates, Christmas lollies and Christmas decorations. We have lots of ideas, from stocking fillers, table decorations, and lolly bags for kids or adult, Christmas parties.

The Sweet Place can also organise delivery to the home or office in Armidale and Uralla.

Who designed your website; what are the benefits for your business?

Our website is

We employed David from Waterfall Way Web Designs. David was great, and he was easy to work with. We decided that we didn’t want an online shop but a web site that people could visit and view our shop online.

Even though The Sweet Place is all about taking a step back in time, we still need to be up to date on a business level. So you can choose to visit The Sweet Place online or in store.

Come and visit for that Sweet Experience.

Thank you Caroline.

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