Caitlin & Reece Wedding Proposal

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FOCUS talks to the newly engaged Reece Trickey about his now fiancée, Caitlin Murphy, how he proposed, and all that led up to this special moment.

How did you two meet?

While studying at UNE I lived at Drummond and Smith College. Caitlin also lived at DnS and was studying Zoology but was a couple of years ahead of me and had moved out by the time I started there. However, the floor I was on was filled with people studying Zoology as well from the same year as Caitlin, and they would come over and have study sessions regularly.

So, we hung out but never really spoke until the following year, in which Caitlin had finished uni and was moving house. Being the gentleman I am, I volunteered to help out along with a group of other friends. A week or so after that was uni holidays, and a couple of us decided to have a “boys’ night” – but I noticed on Facebook that Caitlin had posted a status about being bored. So again, being the gentleman I am, I invited her to our boys’ night. For some reason she accepted this invitation from a somewhat random guy she only met on a handful of occasions. After that we began seeing each other much more regularly, and then decided we should officially start dating.

How did you know she was the one?

When we started dating, we just clicked. We had similar senses of humour, similar interests and just couldn’t stand being apart. When you get a feeling of excitement at the end of every day that you get to see her, or struggle through weekends when she’s away, or when you’re not even a little bit nervous about proposing … I think that’s a pretty good indication that she’s the one.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for your fiancée?

I’m not that great at romance. I once bought flowers for Caitlin, just because she was having a bad day. While we aren’t overly romantic, I don’t think you could find two people more in love though.

What’s the stupidest fight you’ve had?

The most common would have to be when I’m left to my own devices for a day or for the weekend and I buy some chocolate or have nuggets for lunch or something along those lines. Then when Caitlin comes home and notices the box in the recycling or the chocolate wrapper in the bin, she calls me to the kitchen for a “talk”.

How did you propose?

This probably falls under the most romantic thing I’ve done.

Whilst on a cruise out to New Caledonia with a group of friends, we decided to have a date night where we would all go have dinners with our partners. I took this opportunity to have a nice dinner with Caitlin (which I made her book to throw her off any scent) at around 6ish, so we could catch the sunset over the ocean. After dinner we went out to the front of the ship in time to watch the sunset, and luckily we had the front deck to ourselves – so I got down on one knee and asked the important question.

When do you plan to get married?

We are currently renovating our first home together and would like to finish a couple of our bigger projects first before we get into wedding planning. At this stage we have almost nothing planned; we have ideas on what we want it to be, but not when.

What do you believe the key to a successful relationship is?

Our number one thing would be good communication, it’s important that you both are on the same page and know what to expect from each other. Finding someone who you can become best friends with and who has compatible ideas about the future and what they want to achieve in life is essential for the long term.

Thanks for chatting with us, Reece. Congratulations to you and Caitlin on the engagement, and we wish you all the best for the future!

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