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Meet Jennie Wright. She has recently started a life coaching business called Boil the Billy Coaching, your stepping stone to a more positive, bright and fulfilling future.

Describe your upbringing in Glen Innes.

My upbringing was what I would call tight knit and active.

I grew up in quite an idyllic environment, packed with rolling green hills, sunshine, animals, wonderful neighbours, city friends and a close family. I am the youngest of four children – the baby, the black sheep.

In a way, the analogy for our upbringing was … it takes a village to bring up a child. My parents having this mindset has allowed me to be open, accepting and respectful of many different people and their ways of living. Activities wise, there was always something on. If there wasn’t pony club or community events, there were netball carnivals all over the state, or an Easter holiday to be had at Yamba.

For the majority of the time there was plenty of fun to be had on our family’s Devon cattle and mostly Merino sheep property: mustering, branding, marking, training an animal of some description, playing, or eating a lamb chop.

Despite growing up in the country, why did you want to move away? What were you searching for?

Initially I moved away to be educated as a registered nurse, studying at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. From there I moved to the Sunshine Coast; I always wondered how I would go as a ‘surfie’. My taste for prawns and meeting people went down a treat, but my skin wasn’t too good at converting sunshine into melanin for that perfect tan, and my ability to ‘surf’ wasn’t quite how I had hoped. I had a yearning to get back to country people and their way of living.

From here, a group of close Glen Innes friends had a dream of travelling to the UK and Europe in 2008. I converted that trip into a 2 year working holiday to see and experience all I had read and dreamt about.

I had become unclear where my nursing was leading me, started to get quite burnt out, and I wanted to be more influential in my life role and needed to be more fulfilled. I here gave myself 2 years to find my life’s purpose and calling; it was time for self discovery, as cliché as that may sound.

For a brief stint before flying overseas, I moved to Tamworth – to get closer to my family and to try my hand at a few different jobs that I had always been curious about. Once living my high school dream, I found something very interesting. No matter where I went in the world, people of all ages were facing the same trials and tribulations, and the majority wanted something to be that little bit – or big bit – different. I had some fairy tale highs; like living in an Abbey, being taken in by a large rural family and selling jewellery up and down Scotland and England. I had some very tough and dark times where I actually met the worst of me, and wanted to find ways to change this.

So, with about 4 months left on my 2 year ‘figuring out my life’s purpose time line’, I returned to Australia. I was home for no longer than a week when I got a phone call to go and have an ‘Aussie experience’ driving a 30 tonne chaser bin, doing the harvest run from Moree down to Stawell in Victoria. I said, “Why not!”

Unexpectedly, it was here that I found my life role’s answer. Oh, what a feeling! I was told, “You just have to find the name for what you do naturally”. I searched Google in an internet café and found Life Coaching.

I returned back to my family’s home and have been on the property for the year of 2010 being farmer Jen and getting our Benoak stud cattle ready for the local shows and the RAS. I don’t think I have been this physically fit since I was 16. Farming really is a versatile, challenging, professional and physical profession. While doing this, Dad was very flexible with me, as I completed two courses. One in my beloved Life Coaching, and the other in Small Business Management.

What did you find?

I found Life Coaching. Its role is to move people from where they are to where they want to be, and I suppose since I was a teenager I have always encouraged people to do and be their best, no matter how great others may perceive it. To be non-judgemental and to make people feel magical and capable.

The fact of the matter is that we are all wise enough to make good choices and decisions. It’s having the faith and courage to take action on them that gets most of us unstuck. This is where coaching can give your life a positive snow balling effect in every aspect of life and living.

I have found a very powerful and practical life skill, which is golden on both a personal and professional level and which I am ready to share with my rural community.

Is that why you have returned to the New England?

I have ultimately returned to the New England region as I believe it is pay back time. I have been educated, cared for and supported in many different mediums for the past 26 years of my life.

It is now my turn to repay the favour to the people who live within rural areas and want to live the best life that they can – on all levels, despite their circumstances. My service that I love to provide is life coaching.

How can you help others?

I help people more forward positively towards a future that is right for them and which is towards their dreams. So, I help people overcome challenges and problems – achieve goals more timely.

I help build people’s confidence to be who they really are and to be able to tap into what they really like to do, make their dreams a reality. Increase their level of awareness, responsibility and their ability to carry through with their intentions. I provide this through a series of coaching sessions with the client, over a period of time.

A maximum of 12 sessions within a 6 month period; coaching isn’t forever. The whole idea is to get people either back on track or generally back in the driver’s seat, knowing they have the capabilities, resources and support backing their good intentions. I help people find peace and motivation to go freely into the future.

The most common areas I assist people are in personal life coaching, life stage transition coaching, health and wellness coaching and life balance coaching.

How can you be contacted?

You can contact me via phone, email, through my website or through Facebook, or even if we meet in the street somewhere. Whenever you are ready for a more positive, bright and fulfilling future, I am here for you.

I coach through many mediums. Face to face, over the phone, or through Skype. I coach individuals, small groups and conduct workshops for interested groups.

Thank you Jennie.


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