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We are very proud to introduce Armidale Ultrasound to the community and to let the public know they now have a choice about where they can have their Medical Ultrasound completed.

Hi Tanja. What’s your background in the medical imaging industry? 

My initial training in Diagnostic Radiography was completed with an Honours Degree in the Free State in South Africa. As a family we emigrated to Dublin, Ireland in 2002, where I was part of a large team of
Radiographers in the great St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. 

In 2008 we emigrated to Australia, where I was offered a post of Sole Radiographer of a small rural hospital in Bowen, North Qld. 

I worked in Bowen and saw the need for a diagnostic ultrasound clinic (previously there had been none), so I initiated an ultrasound service there whilst completing my Post Graduate qualification in Diagnostic Ultrasound.

In 2012 we moved south for a change, and now the beautiful city of Armidale is our home.

Why have you started Armidale Ultrasound? 

I worked at Armidale Radiology for a period of almost five years when we moved to Armidale, both as a Radiographer and a Sonographer. As life happens and people change, I left there in May 2017 to work as a Sonographer full-time for Alpenglow at their clinic in Tamworth – Tamworth Medical Imaging. I travelled to and from work daily from Armidale but after two years of this, my husband and I realised something needed to change. 

We started in-depth market research in Armidale amongst the public and the GPs, and we reached the conclusion that a second private ultrasound practice in town would be of great benefit to the Armidale community. We are a small practice who strive for absolute excellence in what we do, and we want to offer this excellent service in ultrasound to the Armidale community and the referrers in Armidale.

Who are your team, and what do you each specialise in?

As mentioned previously, we are a family owned and operated practice, and we believe in supporting our community and keeping things local wherever possible. I’m the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, and our friendly receptionist is Cara.

We are a small practice, with two distinct services to offer. Foremost is our Diagnostic Ultrasound service, where all ultrasounds can be performed. I have a passion for ultrasound, and I am qualified to perform ALL ultrasounds and scans that have not been available in town but are now offered at Armidale Ultrasound.

We also have a 3D/4D Ultrasound service called 3D Baby Bonding, where expecting couples can book in to have a bonding experience with their little one in our 3D Theatre room. These non-diagnostic  scans are performed by Cara, who was trained by me.

Can you tell us more about 3D Baby

3D Baby was started in May 2017. Our daughter, Cara, was expecting her first child and went through a very difficult period of ante-natal depression. 

It was probably one of the toughest things we as a family ever went through, and when our darling Lily was born and things settled down, we realised that if a 3D scan was available for her during her depression, it could have made things much easier for her, by assisting her in bonding with her baby. 

There are many studies that suggest that 3D and 4D ultrasound can assist mothers during their pregnancy and help them feel closer to the new life they are creating.

That is the aim of 3D Baby – to offer expecting couples a chance to bond with their unborn baby.

What services does Armidale Ultrasound offer?

We offer ALL diagnostic ultrasounds at Armidale Ultrasound, including scans patients are currently travelling out of town for, such as varicose vein
ultrasounds and leg artery scans with the ABI measurements required by vascular surgeons. We also offer nuchal ultrasounds, with the associated risk of an expecting mother to develop pre-eclampsia.

All obstetric clients who have two of their ultrasounds with us, will receive a free 15-minute 3D scan to see their baby. 

ALL referrals are accepted, and we ask the public to remember that they have a CHOICE of where to go – receiving a specific referral from your GP does NOT mean you have to go to that specific centre for your ultrasound. If you have questions or queries for us, we are more than happy to answer them.

We offer 3D/4D ultrasound in our 3D Theatre Room, which has a 75” television set with comfortable chairs and couches for families or couples to enjoy together or just for yourself as a treat. It is always amazing to see and be a part of someone’s bonding experience here at Armidale Ultrasound.

What are some of the things in your business that you are especially proud of?

There are many things we are proud of here at Armidale Ultrasound, but specifically we have worked hard to create a faster, more affordable and more accessible ultrasound service. 

We are very good at what we do, and we pride ourselves on excellent community service. We have nine Australian based Radiologists who will do our reporting.

We guarantee:

You will be scanned on the day you present, unless preparation is needed, and then you will be scanned the next day.

Your referrer will have your report back in under 23 hours – our average turnaround time is eight hours!

Urgent scans will have the report back to your referrer within one hour!

We offer a mobile ultrasound service for clients in the community who have difficulty with transport or who are bed-bound. 

We understand that times are tough, and everyone goes through hardship. With that in mind, we are very proud to have also incorporated a payment plan system through “PayRight”. Now having an ultrasound done is more affordable than ever. 

If I’m a patient needing your services, what is the process? Do I need a referral?

For a medical ultrasound you will need a referral from your GP or treating Physiotherapist etc. You don’t need a referral for our 3D/4D ultrasound, as these scans are non-diagnostic.

What’s the best way to get in touch with you and find out further information?

We are located at 210b Rusden Street.

Telephone  (02) 5795 1155 or our mobile 0457 223 360.

Our office hours are from 7:30am – 5pm Mon – Thur, 7:30am – 4pm Fri, with opening times on a Saturday by appointment only.

Thanks Tanja.

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