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Sophie Sincock and Alexandra Kentish are members of the Armidale Sports Council. Together, with over 30 members, they are committed to assisting sporting clubs and organisations. 




Who are the current Armidale Sports Council members?

Sophie: The Armidale Sports Council currently has over 30 members. Most have been members for many years, but some have only just joined up. Our members include: Sport UNE, Armidale Cycle Club, Armidale Athletics Association, Armidale Little Athletics, St Kilda Fishing Club, Armidale Rifle Club, Armidale Special Olympics, Armidale Riding Club, Hockey New England, Armidale Archers, Armidale Golf Club, Armidale District Netball Association, Armidale Touch Association, Armidale Blues Rugby Union Club, Armidale District Cricket Association, Armidale District Football Association, Armidale City Gymnastics Club, Armidale Dog Training Club, Armidale Basketball Association, Armidale Rugby League, New England Regional Indoor Complex, New England Martial Arts Centre, Alligators Swimming Club, Armidale Softball Association, Armidale Motorcycle Club, Armidale Horse and Pony Club, New England Mountain Bikers, The Armidale School and our newest members, the Armidale Junior Rugby League Club.

We also have a few individual members. Most people don’t realise, but if you’re a member of one of these organisations, then you are also a member of the Armidale Sports Council.

What is the Sports Council currently working on?

Alex: Sports Council is always working on something different, from promoting Armidale as the place to hold major sporting events, to deciding what project is next to be completed on the priority list.

A new storage shed will be going up in the near future over at the Armidale Sports Council, which is funded by the Armidale Sports Council Sports Development Levy and contributions from the main users, Armidale District Cricket Association and South’s United Football Club. It will provide storage for each user, as this facility currently lacks adequate storage for sporting equipment etc.

How does one become a member of Armidale Sports Council?

Sophie: To become a member of the Armidale Sports Council, all you need to do is contact the Sports Co-ordinator at and request a form. Complete the form and return it to reception at the Armidale Dumaresq Council administration building, along with payment of $55.

The Sports Co-ordinator will then contact you with more information and an information package on the Armidale Sports Council. (Membership forms are also available at ADC reception.) We are a friendly bunch and always welcome new faces.

What is Get Active Armidale?

Alex: The Newcastle Permanent Get Active Armidale Activities is an initiative of the Armidale Sports Council which started in 2009, aimed at getting everyone in the community involved in some sort of physical activity, no matter what your ability is.

This year, the program will be run from 15 October until 9 November. All ages are welcome, and there is always something new to try. It is hoped that by providing different activities for the community for free, it will encourage everyone to get out and try something new. You never know; you might just like it and join up.

It also presents the organisations that hold the sessions the opportunities to increase membership numbers; by making sessions inviting and fun, hopefully more members are gained. We are always looking for new activities to participate, so if you are interested, be sure to get in contact.

The program is funded by Newcastle Permanent and NSW Communities – Sport and Recreation. We already have some great organisations signed up this year, and hopefully more will jump on board this great initiative.

What does being on the Sports Council as an executive youth member involve?

Sophie: Being on the Sports Council in a youth position means that I am able to express the views of the younger generation to the Sports Council. I am able to get the youth perspective ‘out there’, so we have a voice in what happens in sport in Armidale. I encourage any young person who is passionate about sport and who wants to help give the youth a stronger voice to come along to the next Sports Council meeting. It has been a valuable experience and has provided me with many great opportunities. The next meeting is on 18 September @ 5.30pm in the Council Chambers.

What direction is the Armidale Sports Council taking?

Alex: The Sports Council is always moving forward; it’s important to move with the times and make sure we don’t get left behind. We will continue to try and gain more and more sporting events for Armidale, as this is great for the local economy and continue to improve facilities around Armidale, so our athletes have the best chance at excelling in their sport.

What’s the Armidale Sports Council Trivia Night all about?

Sophie: In Armidale we have many athletes reach state, national or international levels in their chosen sports who need assistance. We encourage them to apply for grants from the Sports Council Small Grant fund. Unfortunately, last financial year this fund was expended, which means two things: we have a rising number of athletes achieving great things, but it also means we are unable to support every athlete. In some cases, this means the athletes aren’t able to compete, as the costs are too high for them to attend. So the youth of the Sports Council, including Myee Gregory, Chelsea Schaefer, Alex Kentish and myself decided we needed to hold a fundraiser to raise some extra cash. We are currently planning a Trivia Night to be held on 3 November 2012 at the Armidale City Bowling Club.

It is going to be a great night with loads of sporting questions and will be followed by an auction of sporting memorabilia. All funds raised on the night will be deposited into the Small Grant fund and will then go back out into the community to help these athletes get to those high level competitions. The event is open to everyone, but we only have a limited number of tables available, and we encourage sporting groups to enter a team. Register your interest with Alex Kentish: ph 6770 3869 –

This story was published in issue 64 of the New England Focus

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