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Armidale Sports Council’s mission is to maintain, improve and promote Armidale’s sporting and active recreation facilities and activities. 


  Who are the Armidale Sports Council?

The Armidale Sports Council is a section 355 committee of Armidale Dumaresq Council. Its aim is to initiate increased communication between the sporting and recreation public and Armidale Dumaresq Council – in order that the existing and future needs and requirements of those participating and those administering sport and recreation activities are accurately identified and brought to the attention of the Armidale Dumaresq Council.


When was the group created?

The Armidale Sports Council was formed in 1991 by a group of sports enthusiasts who wanted to make a difference. Since then, the Armidale Sports Council has grown from strength to strength. In 2009, the Sports Council finally achieved one of their major goals of securing a Sports Coordinator position within Council.

The Current Committee

President – Steve McMillan, Vice Presidents – Michael Porter and Stuart Cleghorn, Management Committee – Julia Howe, Justine Kavanagh, Chelsea Schaefer, Pauline Smith and Glenn Druitt, and our two newest Youth Management positions are currently held by Sophie Sincock and Myee Gregory. Councillor Representatives are Councillor Jim Maher and Councillor Colin Gadd, the Sports Coordinator is Alexandra Kentish, and the Council representative is Mr Phil Brown.

These committee members represent a number of sports, including netball, football, cricket, archery, rifle shooting, basketball, athletics, softball and Sport UNE.

Sports Council Small Grants

Armidale Sports Council currently provides $5,000 to local sporting athletes and community groups living in the Armidale Dumaresq LGA, to help them attend state and national titles or host major sporting events in Armidale. These grants are only small, but can go a long way in helping athletes attend titles, where some could not normally afford to go.

Sports Council Membership

Armidale Sports Council currently has a membership base of around 30 sporting clubs and associations and 4 individual members. Being a member of the Armidale Sports Council presents many benefits, including receiving information on funding/grant information, use of Council owned facilities, having a say on the direction of sporting facilities, and possible financial support.

The cost to become a member of the Armidale Sports Council is $55 per financial year for a club or association and $22 for an individual.

Sports Development Levy

Armidale Sports Council collect a small fee from each registered member that goes into the Sports Development Levy, which is used to improve and develop Council owned sporting facilities around Armidale. The beauty of this levy is that it is matched dollar for dollar by Armidale Dumaresq Council.

Over the last couple of years, the Armidale Sports Council has been able to achieve many goals on their priority list with these funds, including: the refurbishment of the Rologas Canteen, upgrade of the Rologas lights, refurbishment of the Harris Park amenities building, two new hard netball courts at Lynches Road facility, new clubhouse and 500 lux lighting at the Armidale Sportsground.

Promoting Armidale

In 2011, the Armidale Sports Council started a promotional project to promote Armidale to the rest of the state as the place to host large sporting events. Members of the committee headed to Sydney, met with many state sporting associations, and placed our case.

The Armidale Sports Council believes that Armidale has amazing sporting facilities for such a small rural regional city. Armidale hosts many sporting events throughout the year, and the success of these events is mainly down to the dedication of the volunteers of local sporting associations.

Plans for the Future

In the future, Armidale Sports Council hopes to continue to promote Armidale to the rest of the state and attract more and more sporting events. Armidale Sports Council hopes to increase membership numbers, so more groups can take advantage of the benefits we can offer. The Armidale Sports Council also hopes to get more young people involved within the committee, as we know the importance of having the youth help out; they have fresh and bright ideas and also put a different perspective on things.

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