Armidale Motor Extravaganza

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If you’re a motor enthusiast, there’s no better chance to see a huge array of hot rods, motorcycles, trucks and caravans in the one place than at the 2019 Armidale Motor extravaganza. David Boundy explains that the event is not only a must-do activity on the local calendar, but that it raises funds for Tour De Rocks …

Hi Dave. What’s your involvement with the Armidale Motor Extravaganza? 

A friend of mine, Jason Tracey and his family are the spearhead behind the event. Jason came and spoke with me last year and wanted to run an event to raise funds for cancer research. With his involvement with Tour De Rocks (having ridden the event several times) it was logical for the funds to be donated to Tour De Rocks. I was on the Board of TDR and knew that we would support Jason in whatever way possible to make this event happen.

With Jason being an avid motoring enthusiast, the support of his family and friends and the backup of a fantastic organisation, TDR, the inaugural Armidale Motor Extravaganza was born.

This year’s extravaganza will be held on March 17. What’s the venue, and what time will the action take place?

This year’s event will again be staged at the Armidale Racecourse. Jimmy Deedes, the Racecourse Manager, was a great supporter of the event last year and kindly donated the facilities to us once he knew all funds raised were being donated to a charity.

The event is held on Sunday 17th March; this gives time for people to travel on the Saturday. We will be holding a BBQ on the Saturday night for early arrivals, and the main show opens on the Sunday morning at 10am.

What types/how many vehicles are you hoping to attract this year?

Last year we had in excess of 220 cars, bikes, trucks, caravans and even some antique machinery. This year will be even bigger, with the talk around town since last year. There will be hot rods, muscle cars – both Australian and USA – custom trucks, the latest model motorbikes, antique motorbikes, drag cars, new cars and yes, sorry to the Holden fans, but there will be Fords allowed as well!

What entertainment/refreshments are planned for the day?

There’ll be coffee vans, a BBQ, face painting, jumping castle, ice cream truck, raffles, trophy presentations, and a live band.

Funds raised from the day go to the Tour de Rocks, supporting cancer research. How much did the extravaganza raise last year … and what are your fundraising goals for this year?

We were overwhelmed with the response last year. The extravaganza committee raised in excess of $10,000 from the day. TDR was humbled by the donation of this amount from a group of hardworking, like-minded individuals.

Whom would you like to thank for supporting the event?

Crikey, I don’t think I have enough ink to write them all down! For fear of missing someone, I will just say that they know who they are. These people don’t do this for the kudos and to publicly be thanked; they do it in an attempt to support less fortunate people than themselves and to one day know that they ultimately contributed to finding a cure for cancer. Without the dollars being donated, the hard work of the cancer researchers would stop. 

How much will it cost to enter a car or come and view all the vehicles on display?

It’s $10 to enter a car or if you are lucky enough to own more than one, it’s still only $10 total for multiple entries. 

Entry fee for the general public is $10 per adult and for a family of four it is $22. Children under 12 are free. Very cheap – especially seeing all monies raised goes to charity and the fact that there will be in excess of 10 million dollars of machinery on display.

Where can we register or find out more info?

Armidale Motor Extravaganza Facebook page or 

Or ring Jason Tracey on 0412 182 269 or David Boundy on 0409 325 238. 

Thanks David.

Interview: Jo Robinson.

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