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What inspired your interest in art? Being creative is the essence of who I am. I’ve had the urge to create, to make ‘things’, for as long as I can remember. As a child, creativity was always encouraged by my parents.

I lived in an environment that was very conducive for expressing myself in a variety of mediums.

My interest in art grew when I was at Art College in Wangaratta and Bendigo from 1979-1981. I majored in painting and printmaking, but I was always drawn to the magic of printmaking, in all its forms. I loved it then, and I love it now! My inner need to express thoughts and feelings through images became apparent, and so my journey began.

Describe your technique?

I specialise in reduction linoprinting and have developed the technique over 25 years. This method requires only one linoblock to create a multicoloured image. Parts of the lino are carved away, one colour printed, further areas carved away, another colour printed and so on, until all colours have been printed layer upon layer. The vibrancy of the colours is achieved using oil based relief printing inks.

I have combined a number of different techniques, including masking and hand painting to achieve subtle nuances. With the addition of etching the lino with caustic soda and embossing, a contrast of textures is achieved.

Every linoprint in the edition has been individually made by hand, without using a printing press, thus giving each one a unique quality. Once printing of the edition is complete, further prints cannot be made from the linoblock, as the lino is destroyed in the process.

What have you chosen to exhibit at Gallery 126?

The exhibition of linoprints at Gallery 126 entitled ‘Spice of Life is a departure from previous themes, such as native flora, fire, trunks, leaves etc.

Simple pleasures are the focus of new linoprints. Step into the vegetable garden. Pick your favourite greens and enjoy lunch on the verandah with the Solanaceae Family.

Watch the dancing mangosteens, as other fruits wait in the wings. Tantalise your taste buds with a spicy laksa. Cool down with a cup of lemongrass tea and fresh limes.

An oriental quality weaves its way through these new images, with intricate detail of fabric bordering fruits and loved objects.

Fruits, vegetables and spices are the main ingredients for this exhibition. It’s a feast of images that will lift your spirit and feed your soul.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love to grow the food I eat and to share fresh produce with others. It gives me great pleasure to dig in the vegetable patch, plant seeds by the moon rhythms and nurture them daily, until the plants are ready to harvest. This seemingly simple, domestic activity keeps me in harmony with the earth and the creatures that inhabit my small garden. It creates a feeling of wonderment and purpose.

Inspiration comes from my immediate surroundings. My love of nature and recognition of beauty in small things permeates throughout my themes. Imagination then takes over and ideas evolve … one thing leads to another.

Artists who inspire you?

Many artists ‘inspire’ me. My interest in different artists is so varied. If what they create captures my imagination, then I find that seductive. I have many favourites, but here are a few: Andy Goldsworthy, Fiona Hall, William Robinson, Dorothy Napangardi, Rosalie Gascoigne, John Wolseley. The artists I find most inspiring are true to themselves and they create and express their own unique world through their particular medium.

Exhibition dates?

Exhibition dates for ‘Spice of Life’ are from                                                                                            Friday 26 November to Friday 24 December.

Opening Friday 26 November, 5 – 7pm.

Also don’t miss the 2 day Lino Print Workshop on November 27th and 28th. All welcome, phone the gallery for more info.

Thank you Anna.


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