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Andrew McCann, the proprietor of Webcessity talks to us about his new IT business. A local resident with a diverse background as a software developer, he and his staff develop innovative websites that provide businesses with an e-commerce online presence.

> Tell us about your family …

I come from a local Armidale family. I have three brothers: Damien owns a local plumbing business, James (Bones) currently manages a local tyre business and Glenn is a local builder. I have two boys, Noah and Byron, who are always on the lookout for adventure, and Catherine my busy wife, who works as a teacher and a mum.

> Why and when did you open Webcessity in Armidale?

I always had plans to run my own IT business. I am passionate about helping business owners to make their businesses more efficient and productive through the use of software solutions. I chose Armidale as the base for Webcessity, due to the fact it is a fantastic town and it is perfectly situated, allowing us to easily reach our clients in Sydney, Brisbane and in between.

For a number of years I worked as a consultant on a part-time basis, providing services to city based businesses. During this time I realised there was the need for a high quality, service oriented web solutions business within the New England region. The demand for my services was ever increasing, so I made the decision to concentrate solely on building a business; Webcessity was formed in 2008.

> Describe the type of services you offer?

Webcessity offers web design (we do not use templates), web hosting, search engine optimisation (SEO), software development, creative design and many other services that can help you to fully optimise your web presence. We can help monitor the number of visitors to your website, the specific pages they click on and how long they stay on the site.

Web statistics are a crucial part of any business website. They give you an amazing insight into what your customers want and what they’re interested in. They also allow you to monitor the affects of any outside advertising you may do, or the benefits of websites you’re linking up with.

> Tell us about your team members …

We have sourced two highly motivated, energetic staff members who both have a real passion for web design and graphic design. We also have a number of external freelance team members who have skills in specific areas.

Emily is a web designer who was born in Armidale. Emily started building websites around ten years ago. Her first website was for Australian band, Eskimo Joe. The internet has changed a lot since then, and it is this never-ceasing diversity and challenge that attracts her. Please contact Emily if you have any enquiries regarding web design, updates, changes, SEO, statistics or technical support.

Greg is a graphic designer. He is a young, keen and enthusiastic local. He loves to challenge himself and push his skills forward. What better place than an ever evolving, changing and upgrading industry? Please contact Greg if you have any enquires regarding graphic design or flash.

Currently, we are looking to add to our team. We are looking for experienced programmers. We are hopeful of being able to source some local programmers to work on some of our exciting projects.
> Where did you gain your IT experience?

When Catherine and I moved to Brisbane, I began working as a software developer. I have worked as a developer for nearly 12 years now. During this time I have worked on a number of projects. These have involved building custom software solutions, web enabled applications and web sites.

Last year I spent some time working at a digital agency in Sydney and had the opportunity to lead the development of a number of cutting edge high profile web projects. In each of my roles I have be given wonderful opportunities to enhance my skills and work in co-operative team environments.

> What is involved in designing a website?

There are a few steps involved in designing a website tailored to your needs.

Firstly, you must decide what it is you want out of your website. Is it simply a site to showcase your business or product? Do you want to develop the e-commerce side of your business and create a simple and easy to use portal to sell your product or service? Is it a source of further information? Or is it simply a brief overview?

Once you have decided on your purpose, you must then decide on the specific content and features that you would like and the level of usability.

There are a number of Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. This software allows for easy website management by providing user-friendly tools, including a text editor to enable updates to be made easily. This is a popular add-on to a site, as it allows for regular in-house updates, without having to go through a web designer.

Another popular website feature is a shopping cart. his provides your customers the ability to purchase online via your website. There are a number of solutions available for adding online shopping facilities to a website.

Once these features have been decided upon, it’s then time to put together your content. There’s no use in having a top-of-the-range website that looks and feels fantastic, if it doesn’t give you any information. But, tread wisely. Website content is viewed much differently to print or television media.

Too much content or too many images can quickly turn visitors away. Be concise, to the point, and decide on what the important information is.

After these beginning steps, it’s now time to get to your actual website. The more information provided at these beginning stages, the easier the design and implementation of your ideas. A list of example websites during the design phase help us to know more about the design required. Is it a simple design? Something colourful? Something flashy? You let us know, then we can work together to get the most out of your website.

More and more websites are becoming the face of companies around the world, and with technology rapidly changing it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Within only the past few years, user interactivity and usability has skyrocketed, so if it has been a few years since your last website update, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade. Come and talk to us about how we can optimise your website.

We can assist you with every part of the process, from domain registration, to hosting, to design.

> Tell us about some of your current projects …

Webcessity is just about to deliver a local client an online game built using Adobe Flash. I have really enjoyed working on this project with the mix of design and development.

We are currently involved in building business specific software solutions for a number of different businesses. These include two web based procurement solutions, a tool for analysing statistical data and an application for a manufacturing business based in Sydney.

Also, we are working on a number of small business websites – some involve e-commerce, some require only a few pages and some have hundreds of pages. We have found the economic crisis has increased the demand for e-commerce solutions.

> Plans for the future?

To grow the business and continue to provide friendly, helpful service to clients. We have some very interesting projects about to commence. We have signed off to build a new website and real estate specific module for a local real estate agency.

We have just commenced the development of a proprietary e-commerce solution. E-commerce (online shops) is an area of the business where we continue to see an ever increasing demand. This proprietary solution will allow us to offer our clients a cost effective solution for their e-commerce requirements.

We are in the final planning stages for a project which involves building custom software for a large company based in Saudi Arabia. The company requires specific software to help them qualify suppliers.

It is very exciting times for us with the range of projects we are involved in over the next few months.

For any further information or a quote, please contact us on 6772 4444 or visit our website at:

> Thank you Andrew.

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