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Off the back of their tour of the states, Alpine will be hitting our sunny shores for Festival of the Sun, bringing with them their eclectic pop music and Story Book Adventure on-stage vibe ….

You guys are on the bill for “FOTSUN” this year. What are you looking forward to the most?
Coming from Melbourne, at the moment it’s freezing and grey and a bit sad, so we are looking forward to having the sunshine and the warmth – something we’re not used to in Melbourne. And I think just being in a festival environment always has a real sense of escapism – being in an outside performance space, you can really see the people in the crowd, so you get to share the experience with everyone, and that’s something that we love. If the crowd’s having a good time, we vibe off the crowd.

What experience can we expect from your show on the stage, and what sort of vibe will you be pumping out?
It’s a very energetic live show. In our band there are six members, and it’s very much like an adventure story book watching an Alpine show. Everyone has got their own thing happening, and it can look quite chaotic – I think that’s what makes it quite special.

Phoebe and I are the two female lead co-vocalists and performers; we’re bringing that girl power back. I think we perform in a way that’s quite raw; we don’t try to perform like we’re really good dancers, we know that we’re not, we just wanna move to the music and just have that sense of freedom that comes with however you want to express yourself. We definitely want to get people to kind of feel like they’re involved with it as well …
It’s been three years since you released your debut album, A is for Alpine. How has your sound progressed, and how has that been reflected on your new album, Yuck?

When we did A is for Alpine, we had just sorta emerged as a band, and we were still trying to formulate what our sound was. A lot of people compared us to Phoenix and Lykke Li … There was definitely, I guess, a sense of innocence to the music, and then three years later I think we’ve really as a band understood what our influences are. We’ve become a lot more confident; there’s definitely a lot more sass and elements of ‘90s R&B mixed in with a little bit of Hip Hop. There’s a assertiveness in the way Phoebe and I have explored new territories.
A is for Alpine was about trying to understand the world around us and understand ourselves individually, and I think when we came to writing Yuck, those three years were a long time. I think Pheebs and I had grown up a little bit more and realised more things and also realised that life still does stay difficult and great and exciting … And I guess commenting on that and realisations and the realities of things when you come into your own bit more, you’re kind of owning it and not being afraid of it.

Speaking of your new album, the title, Yuck – what is this in reference to?
So, the title came from the first song we started writing, Foolish; it’s a lyric in that song. It’s a reaction to a relationship that ended – you know you kind of relapse sometimes and it’s hard to completely walk away from a good thing, even though you know it’s past its used by date. So the word “Yuck”, just really ended up summing up the album. It’s kind of playful as well; I think yuck is quite a funny word. When you say “yuck”, you know you’ve had a really raw reaction to something, and you don’t ever want it to happen again, whether it’s like a smell or an experience, or something that you’ve seen. So it just seemed to be this word that really kind of summed up the attitude of the album, and it still brought it back to our genre of Pop Music.

The last few years touring must’ve brought along some memorable experiences. What has been the highlight?
We got to headline Metro in the Forum for the Sydney and Melbourne theatre shows, which has always been a dream of ours. It’s so amazing to think where we started, to this recent tour and the huge turnout that we had, and people were singing along to the songs.
There are moments where I can just pass the microphone over to the crowd and the fans are singing along, and that’s just amazing. You really start to recognise longevity and fans and supporters of our music … And then in terms of shows that we’ve done, touring with Empire of the Sun across America was incredible. We got to perform on Jimmy Kimmel, which was again amazing – I felt like it was over in two seconds, because I was just so high on adrenaline. The fact that we get to tour anyway is incredible; a lot of bands don’t even get to the stage that we’ve got to, so every time we get to go anywhere or go to an airport to play a show is pretty much a highlight.

The future for Alpine is looking bright. What’s on the horizon?
We are about to head off to the States again, and we’re doing a really big tour with a band called Joywave. We have festivals like Falls Festival coming up as well, and we want to get straight back into the studio as soon as we come back; we are really keen to get our third album in the works. I think it’s just as many shows as we can get thrown at us; we are ready to do that and keep creating and writing. You never know what’s around the corner – we are just stoked to be able to do it.

Lastly, where can our readers follow your journey and purchase your music?
We are across pretty much most of the Social Media platforms, and it’s @alpineband so, instagram, twitter, and Facebook. The music you can get on iTunes or you can purchase at JB Hi-Fi. You can watch our music videos on YouTube.
Interview with Lou James.

11th – 12th December.
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